Senator Yerima Responds To Critics, “I Can Give Out Any Of My Daughters In Marriage Even At The Age Of 6”

Ahmed YarimaControversial Alhaji Ahmed Sani Yerima, former governor now Senator representing Zamfara West Senatorial District and Deputy Minority Leader in the Senate, has reportedly responded to critics of his recent advocacy for early child marriage.

The Senator purportedly drew the ire of a cross section of Nigerians when during a debate to consider the proposed deletion of Section 29 (devoted mainly to Citizenship), Subsection 4 (a) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) by the Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu-led Senate’s Constitution Review Committee, he forced the hand of the Senate President, David Mark to re-take a vote which had already been taken and carried by the required two-thirds members of the Senate (73 of 109).

To get a clearer picture, Section 29 Subsection (1) states: Any citizen of Nigeria of full age who wishes to renounce his Nigerian citizenship shall make a declaration in the prescribed manner for the renunciation of this section.

While the controversial Subsection that led to outrage (4) states for the purposes of subsection (1) that (a) “full age” means the age of eighteen years and above;
(b) any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.

It was at this point Yerima invoked a point of order citing Item 61 of Part 1 of the Second Schedule of the Constitution which bars the National Assembly from legislating on matters of formation, annulment and dissolution of marriages under Islamic and Customary laws.

Now, under Islamic laws, any woman that is married is of age whether she is up to 18-years or not. Therefore, the Senator argued that putting the age limit at 18, contravenes Islamic law.

Even though he was initially ruled out of order by the Senate President, “considering the controversial nature of the clause”, a second round of voting was done and this time, Senator Yerima’s argument swayed majority of his colleagues, who voted to retain the clause.

That was the origin of the controversy that has led to a social media campaign condemning girl child marriage with Yerima being at the receiving end.

Notwithstanding, a post seen on former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode’s Facebook wall, revealed that Senator Yerima is unshaken by the public display of anger towards him as he purportedly stated, ”Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage is the solution to about half of our problems.”

According to the Facebook post, Yerima is quoted as saying that as a true Muslim, he can give out any of his daughters out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, even as young as six and he warns, “Its not your business.”

He argues further, “In Islam, a girl can be given out in marriage as early as six years old, but consummation of the marriage can only be done when the girl becomes physically mature and she gives her consent to it because unlike English law, it is not permissible for a man to rape his wife in Shari’ah Law.”

The highly controversial Senator goes on to list a plethora of evils associated with not allowing girls marry at a much younger age saying he lives in a city where girls as young as 12 have already become “serial fornicators” and cannot count the number of men they have slept with. He adds that not allowing early child marriage is one of the causes of prostitution, teenage pregnancies and illegal abortions among teenage girls.

And as if to indict public office holders, Yerima reveals that government officials pick undergraduates from University car parks with Coastal Buses to attend their wild immoral parties.

These evils, he concluded, are a general problem not his own; as none of his daughters are involved. “So ask me again why I support early marriage and I will slap the Jinn out of your head”, Senator Yerima warns.


    • Haven’t sanetor that ix useless buh we dont know wether it’s urs ix senseless, we muslims we proud of sanetor Ahmad sani yariman bakura, due to the having an abselute experience to depend the most beta important and best religion which ix ISLAM alhamdulillah

  1. Personally I have nothing against the so called under age girl marriage,afterall I have seen girls below 15yrs with pregnancies,even without the law,so long as they are not force into it no problem.The way these girls behave these days it even they marry when ever they see who comes for them

  2. may God bless you yerima for telling them the fact, Islamic religion unlike Christianity that operates on logic and free thinking,have laws that was ordained by the almighty God. And Islam first before anything. thank you once again my dear senator.

    • Yahaya, u r so daft nd ignorant. If u want to support u beta do dat dan condeming oda religions. Dis shows dat u r an illiterate.


  3. I am completely in support of Sen. Yarima, after all, the girls must not be forced into it. Common sense should tel u that it is right. How many of this so called under aged girls u see on the streets of Nigeria today engageing in prostitution, having several illegal abortions. PLS I really need to know wether christianity permits all this attrocities?

    • U people shd think about wat is profitable,if all nigerians can afford food,do u think 13yrs old wl b on d street as a prostitute?do u pray dt ur own daughter wl end dt way? Ur amiable senator did nt see anythng bad in all ds so call boko haram,or d legions of young jobless graduates on street of naija,he’s infact a stupid man to think wat nigeria needs at this tym is an uproar of tension again!

    • why are u bringing religions into this simple matter,it is just pure evil,how on earth would u even think of sleeping with a child not to talk of putting her in d family way,and some pple will be proud and they will have supporters club.would d well educated parents give their consent?NO.ignorance is worst than aids

  4. Thank you Yerima. I say no reason why some few individual will force something on for which is alien to us. Who force any of the so called advocate of childnotbride to give their sisters or daughters in early marriage? Then how on earth wud you force something on us? If nigeria is not working let’s everyone find his bearing, simple

  5. Hnmmmm. I don’t want to be seen as sitting on d fence. The world is comi to an end no doubt. In recent times a day hardly pass without a case of rape, religious leader defiling underage or worst stil father defiling his own daughter(s) even brothers to their sisters. I’m nt in any way encouragi underage marriage but if u ask me I will rather prefer givi out my daughter in marriage to allowi fall prey to men that wil ruin her 4 me.

  6. ifeanyi may God bless you o…… suprised that there’s a christian that can think this way. Why should Islam go to Trial for the
    Mistakes of a Muslim?
    It’s easy to attribute anything to Islam just
    bcos of hatred 4d best of religion;well let’s
    take a look @ these facts:
    Anne de mowbray 8th countess of norfolk
    died as a child bride at the age of nine. she
    was the bride of richard of shrewsbury
    Richard II, aged 29, married 2nd wife
    Isabella of Valois in 1396 when she was 6,
    yes 6. They were married for 4 years until
    his death. The marriage was political,
    never consummated, and actually grew to
    like each other as friends if a 29 year old
    can be “friends” with a 6 year old.
    Henry VIII, aged 49, married Catherine
    Howard when she was about 16 years old.
    Lady Jane Grey was about 15 when she
    married her child groom who was about 16
    or 17.
    King James I, aged 23, married Anne of
    Denmark when she was 14.
    Charles I, aged 25, married Henrietta
    Marie of France when she was 13.
    William III and Mary II ruled jointly. Mary
    was 15 when she married her 27 year old
    1st cousin.
    And to the christian who have been
    insulting Islam this is for you; “According 2
    the ‘oxford dictionary bible commentary,
    Mary(Maryam) was 12yrs old when she
    became impregnated with Jesus/Isa(AS)”.
    So was mary an abused child & joseph a
    Pls, if you are not a Muslim who knows
    about his/her religion, keep clear of Islam
    & stop making hateful statements
    Before you talk and judge the actions of
    others, ask yourself this questions:
    Is my support morally based or socially
    What are the aftermath effects of it?
    Am l just fronting others opinion?
    Am l infringing on others Right?
    Why am l not in agreement?
    What are my arguments?
    Is my argument Right?
    Am l just?
    All this questions should be answered with
    sincerity for us to be able to reason
    Because our leaders are corrupt does not
    make all of us corrupt persons then why
    should Islam be named for the Mistake of a
    Its the Highest level of Hypocrisy!
    We Muslims say NOoº°˚ ˚°ºoo Ooº°˚ ˚°
    Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo!
    Pls Bc!

    • People do this or try to make laws to suit their purpose,they should all stop using religion to back their evil intentions.
      There lot of self style evil on planet earth,in some part of Europe and America,same sex marriage was put into law,now,Yerima is now asking for under aged marriage,what a pity,is that the problem of this Nation where there lot of issues to put right. Anyway,I think he is just looking for law that he will use in hiding his shameful past.
      All rightful thinking Nigerians should not not support such act of shame,whether under aged marriage or same sex marriage.

    • ou just so full of bollocks! its not fair to any child at all let alone girls, we have bigger issues facing us and you ppl think early marriage will solve the problem? muslims always want to inpose thier so called sharia law on everyone else, if you dont like the way nigeria is divide the damn country and go your fucking way! stupid fucking dickheads

  7. Abdulkareem u re saying u re in support of Senator yerima’s comments, how on earth do u expect an underage girl that u re feeding to say no to u until she is come of age? Why stealing her innocence just bcos u think there re already spoilt ones circulating the nation? So the men re exempted just bcos section 29 (4b) said so? U paedophiles called muslims.

  8. Kabiroh u try.ur write up is comprehensively nonsense.and go read wel ,dr is no biblical record mary’s age when she got pregnat,am sure its dat of maryiam u saw and not mary mother of christ.

    • Your expression above tells the the century you are still existing,it bothers me when I see people using false information to legalize an illegality. I want to categorically tell you that Mary wasn’t betrothed to Joseph at the age is unbiblical

  9. Shine your eye oo. Don’t be fooled into this if it’s none of your business. Please just be concern with your own problems. Take care of your own because you can never in any way see this law makers’ children. They are well protected with body guards so that they can continue to be in the position to dictate for you on what you should and should not do. They are just telling you that you have not been able to give your children all the morals and care that they need, that is why they are demoralized and flood the streets in full lusts and shamelessly. May God help us. Amen

  10. All this block head muslim who go about causing problems..who ever told u dat virgin mary was impregnated by age 12…fools…She conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and by The perfect will Of the Father, Almighty God…when u talk always think…scientificallly, a girl under age 13 is still a child..I mean her motherhood are not yet y will u ever support underage marriage…fools

  11. Yerima n his co muslim brodas, so u tink giving out ur daughter at d age of 6 for marriage stops her frm becoming promiscious, if u tink so, ur so so dumb and I cnt bliv u wld reasn so stupidly. Why nt give out ur sons too at d age of six so dat dey wldnt bcome robbers and thugs too. U guys are now tired of sexing matured women, u want to do it with kids in d name of protecting dem frm being promiscious? If a gal wants to b promiscious, she wld be,weda married at age six or nt. Look at how rukky sanda exposed her nipples today, isn’t she ur sister? Or is it bcos she wasn’t givn out at age six dats d reasn she exposed her breast? Everything depends on how u train ur children. If u muslims give ur underaged daughters out, when dey bcome of age n conscious, dey r gonna hate u,d parents for ruining dia future. Goodluck in marrying urselves cos dat d only place dis shit wld hapn.

    • U people u r completly unserious u dont’t what u r doing, u r uneducated even ur religion, u never understand, did’nt you knw that we knw wht ur doing in church, u r disvergin ur girls and even more rape them that they even not reach 6, sothat u should plx beta care of ur ignorancy, it’s unaccepted within us ryt

  12. Why are u so called muslims turning dis issue to a religious mata. U guys can even giv ur child in marriage even at birth, that is ur problem. The issues of prostitution is from upbringing so even ur muslim children are also involved in prostitution.U can go ahead and marry out ur innocent children even at birth and giv dem all sots of diseases and wen they grow up their eyes will open and they will still become prostitutes. That is Y most of ur women don’t stay in their marital homes, they are alwaz av saki uku. What differEnce does it make. Its u guys that will still end up regretting it.

  13. You see that is why when you go to northan hospitals u see allmost all little girls sufering From vvf. When will this child graduate from 6years or 13years he can grauate for univacity.they will end u up produceing more probelem is a matter of chioce

  14. @estelle we are not turning it in to religious issue but it is a religious issue and we are not asking any kuffar (Christian) sympathy neither are we asking you fool to agree with our religious culture all we are saying is you guys can marry after testing the manhoods of your pastors and bishops during night vigil and take the left over to your husband’s house but pls stop accussing our Muslim ladies willing to preserve their modesty by marrying at tender age.

  15. @georg producing almajiris is better than producing bastards as experience your locality. pls tell the world who your father is that is if you are not a bastard.

  16. @georg producing almajiris is better than producing bastards as experience in your locality. pls tell the world who your father is that is if you are not a bastard.

  17. kabiroh it seems you lack western education, those people you mentioned weren’t mqrried but bethrothed, the way i qm seeing you it looks like you have had carnal knowledge of a young girl and you don’t the law to catch up with youm but don’t be happy dor too long, cus justice would still take its fuul cause on the likes of yerima, and on the matter of my Lord and personal saviour Jesus christ, there was no biblical age for mother Mary, even if she was 12 as you claimed, Joseph never slept with her , Jesus was in her cus the Holy spirit was with her, if you don’t believe go nug transformer.

  18. Guy una tri oooo. U all have spoken well. Now my question to uncle or granpa yerima is this. Why don’t u allow single under age to marry under age ladies why should it u grand paaaaas that are intrested in under age girl sir. Uncle alhaji janabah. There is nothing that has not happend before but! For ur own u are not just getting married will u pls tell us how many wife u have before going for this under age girl and tell us how old ur other wifes are when u got married to them or are u telling us that all this while as a muslim u just open the chaPter in the alquiran that says u can mary underage and u want to give it a trial. Am a muslim tooo. Pls I need u to clear this for us young muslim. And those of u running ur mouth may allah give u wisdom to understatand the words of allah. Maaaah sallam.

  19. @Roland Oniyinde…you need a grammar class to polish ur english( prolly a night class would do: who knows the kinda work u do). shame is spelt S-H-A-M-E and not S-A-M-E.
    Everybody is entitled to his or her own viewpoint on issues like this. These views are perhaps not independent but a product of a set of beliefs typical of such individual. Yerima is guided by the supreme principle as far as this issue is concerned. So, he can’t be wrong on this. We’ve heard cases of sexual harassment amongst females of this age group. If rightly done, what’s the hassle?

  20. Yerima, Nigeria is not a muslim country, and you have to be very careful of what you say and always ask God for His direction

  21. @akinyemi and is Nigeria a Christian country? please if you are no useful contribution to make don’t celebrate you foolishness here

  22. When all this stupid senators should be thinking of how to tackle the issue of boko haram and asuu strike, they are planning on hw to defile our children.. This is what we get when we have foolish people as our senators!! Randy old fools!! For God sake!! How can u marry a girl of 6? This yerima guy is mad!!!! The end of the world is close.

  23. Pls, people should talk about something that concerns them, not infringing on other people‘s business. What is ur concern when somebody gives out his daughter for marriage at young age. The person is talking about his belief, and what of you? Or do you prefer spoiling the girls as you do in ur churches? Shame on pastors and God forbid.

  24. What about those pastors that defile girls at 10, or even below? And here you are claiming child right. You better start with those people you pay every week as religious rites and they use the money to pay your daughters in order to defile them. Sentimental idiots.

  25. This senator is mad,he thinks our country is only fill wil muslim,he is mad, how can you take the destiny of a little girl away by going to marry her,when she have nt seen anything in the world,there ar more men that can be better than the fool dat want to marry her at that age of 6 or 13, infact this senetor only needs girls d will use for the evil deed,ok u talk abt girls early marrage,y dont u also talk abt boys early marrage?fool

  26. Father God/Allah come to aide of dis our dear nation cus will leaders with chicken brain and some useless people are in support of dis bad decision made by fowl thinkers, I will mention tribe because we all know dem, I wont also blame dem cos der lives is based on bringing up animals, dat is why some if dem think like goat, cow and chicken. God bless Nigeria

  27. I wonder why virgin are scarce like GOLD,ladies that protect their chastity are scarce like DIAMOND,no one cares even parents…MARY mother of JESUS was selected because her chastity. You guys are running for early marriage but you don’t care to recieve bastard child, or don’t you know any child from a relationship without bride price and approver of the two parents before the intercourse is bastard? Thats what ISLAM says not Muslim says that is the right guilds that if you follow you’ll obtain peace.

  28. 2 Christians……. If prsn tok say na age 2 him wan give him pikin out 2 Sugarccane Aboki Kondo,, wetin concern u ?? @ least no be ur pikin !! And even if dem pass da law 2da,, soldiers no go carry gun come da dommoth of IGBOS AND YORUBAS , say if u no marry ur daughter 4 age 15 we go kill u 2da 2da…… Ironically even if da bill is not passed,, its still not gonna stop our Aboki brothers from not marrying dos little girls. So y waste ur time fighting??

    Lastly …. Even if our Muslim brothers call Jesus a mad man,, who are u as a Christian 2 fight 4 Jesus ?? Did Jesus tell u he needs an advocate 2 fight 4 him ????

  29. as a muslim,what yarima did he was absulotely right,cos he is trying to tell how islam is entirely different with odas and he shows that he is educated in his religious,bcos he quoted the guided principles of his religion by saying this is what my region said and i believed on.pls what ur religion say about marrying at the age of 6,9,13 and above pls tell us not with free brain but with reasons which is inside ur books.may god bless nigeria,amen.

    • If its ryt in ur law/constitutn guiding u,den go ahead wit it.Dis country is nt an islamic country,dere’s wt we cal “ryt 2 religion” nd u cn go ahead nd marry even a baby of 4yrs

  30. Personally,i don’t c ds as an avenue 2 tussle supremacy btw 2 WONDERFULL religions ordained by God.I’d rather we xamine facts instead.B4 any marriage shld be sanctioned,i bliv dia shld be a proposal 4rm a man(matured enuf 2 thnk) & an agreement 4rm a lady(matured enuf 2 reason).Tell me,can a 6 year old thnk thru a complex matter lyk marriage? Pls imagine dt ur 6 yr old daughter who hardly knows d sum of 500 n 123.Pls,religions apart,i bliv dos dt r in support of marrying off children who r girls are barbaric n archaic ppl who still support polygamy @ ds present tym.Why wld we continue 2 hold unto customs dt consider our women as inferiors in our society?Are women marriage utensils? 2 ppl lyk Yerima: u don’t kno if dt ur little daugter is d next president Nigeria has bin w8in 4.That feat she may neva achieve if u 4c her on a man @ a tender age.Nigerians,let us all start reasoning sensibly.

  31. Wen I hear issues like dis,It jst brings to mind aw insane nigerians are!I cnt believe sum ppl are actually supporting senator yerima!dis is pure insanity,for u to see a litu gurl nd fink ov having carnal knowledge of is jst barbaric!with the numerous ills in the country,do we need to add dis into it?dis isn’t abt religion,so muslims stop saying muhammed sed dis nd dat,I bliv d holy prophet applied wisdom to all he did,nt d way senator yerima nd d rest of y’all are duin finz for ur own selfish desires!u paedophiles*yerima nd d rest supporting such act”are only jst hiding under d umbrella of religion.

  32. Listen yerima and all muslims ,NIGERIA is a secular state and should be allowed to remain so.Religion is a personal thing nd should stop interfering wit law or constitution of Nigeria.we ve so many religions in dis state.what concerns Nigeria wits islamic law.if u guys want to get married to a year old girl, go head do it is ur religion so far u doing it wit ur kind.islamic leaders should stop using religion to achieve there devious desire

  33. A Child needs Education not Ejaculation.. She needs a Classroom not a bedroom, She needs a Pencil not a Penis, Ask for her Books not her Boobs. If she’s too young to vote at an Election, then she’s too young to take in an Erection. Say no to CHILD MARRIAGE……protect the Girl Child..

  34. A Child needs Education not Ejaculation.. She needs a Classroom not a bedroom, She needs a Pencil not a P*nis, Ask for her Books not her Boobs. If she’s too young to vote at an Election, then she’s too young to take in an Erection. Say no to CHILD MARRIAGE……protect the Girl Child..

  35. I’m so ashamed 4 people like this 2 represent Nigeria in the senate house. I think the shameless senate house have lost there side. You guys should have the fear of God in every decision you make,because God is watching and everyone of you ll give account on that day.

  36. For u guys supporting dat stupid yerima, u r bunch of retards!!! How will u feel if a 65yrs old man comes to marry ur 6yrs old sis!!! Isn’t dat sick?!!! Bunch of hypocrites… Keep using religion to defile small girls, Gods will reward u for ur evil deeds.

  37. hello, why the insult from the christians? is a muslim chritian and vice versa? now wait and see what the baboons will be responding with?

  38. Hmm muslims and there shaira law but d question is does the so called early married prevents rape abortion and prostitution left 4 me this is another avenue for the rich muslims to forcefuly take little kids 4rm the poor useing quran and also an avenue for madams that control and owns prostitues to begin a newer bargain using little girls as there new special target to make money and what happens to our already age or mature girls they will be disrespected by there younger ones cos they are nw thesame… Bíg shame to islam

  39. Thank u very much senator for being firm in protecting the Deen (Islam). I really don,t understand why westerners and their African stooges are out to fight what our religion allows us to practice and they are always calling for human right and freedom of religion my question here is ”are Muslims excluded from having the right to practice their religion as it is revealed in Qur’an?

    • Go to the hospitals u will see the menace of under age marriage;smelly northern girls with VVF. This an enough indication for any sensible people to know that God will not institute a doctrine that will make his followers suffer such shame and torment that VVF patients go thru. Its a shame that many people re devoid of good reasoning-i am not surprise though for d bible says he will give them a reprobate mind. My prayer is dt d good Lord will remove d veil in their eyes and bring them to the knowledge of the truth.

  40. @Haruna, u see what am saying,u people wants to bring ur religion into nigerian law,if i may ask is it only muslim ar in this country?if he want to pratice what ur quran say,pratice it in ur kingdom and state alone,not to bring it as a law in nigeria

    • yes agreed Nigeria is a secular state and being it a secular state gives muslims the right to practice their religion in toto. So any attempt of establishing a new law that would stop muslims to practicing their religion would not be accepted. The nigerian law gives us right of practicing our religion 100% being it a secular not we muslims wants to bring religion into nigerian law.

    • @kelvin please let us be fair to ourselves and come to face reality when on earth did we Muslims ever say other faithfuls should marry underage girls this is just what concern us and whatever negative aspect it has on us is not your concern so leave us alone and lets everybody practice his religion.

  41. This is indeed a rule for self-destruction by enabling bacterials in the female-child and reproducing of untrained children who are easily misled into constituting social miscreants. The government or external body should not donate in form of reliefe to these selfish people in the north. And for your information Yerima, a time to come, voters will be screend and will only be eligible based on a given accademic standard attained for a person.


  43. We obedient muslims accept & embrace anything dat is uttered to us in islam, since islam have allowed people to marry a girl provided dat all d requirements are fulfilled, then u d christians what is ur own concern? Islam is existing under d guidance and book of Allah, not like christianity dat d existing under human theory of different testments.

  44. RAPE CASE: “A lady I know was on her way to the main market in Maiduguri (it was on a friday after jumaat prayers), when she spotted an ever growing crowd of people. She went closer and noticed a young girl of about 5 years who was also a kolanut hawker, on the dirt crying with blood in her privates. The muslims (hypocrites) that were part of the crowd where blaming one old buffoon of about 49years on his not being discreet enough. And that, they should disperse cos, the Christians (or “pagans” to them) would start mocking them.”
    NB: Do not be surprised at what that sex-addict yarima is propagating. Afterall, islam started with S-E-X and will definately END with same. GOD HELP US.

  45. This law is as old as Nigeria itself, the Senator is only reminding his colleagues in the same category to take a stand in order to defend his previous act.

  46. I completely in support of u senator!
    This can only be understood by whom ever god blessed to be among men of understanding!
    Dont get worried of all what some stupids are saying, god is with you.

  47. To those accussing yerima,u should understand that we muslims valued our religion more than anything even our lives.we don’t expect those haters(christians) to support us.i don’t care what those idiot will say about islam.I LOVE YERIMA AND HIS COURAGE

  48. Guys, why are we wasting our tym aurguing with these people who think upside down? Just read what people like Mubarak Muhd Mada, Yahaya Abdulmumini wrote. It’s a muslim thing, they are saying Islam permits it. Yerima and the his Muslim brothers are saying they sleep or start fingering children at the age of 6yrs! Does dat sounds normal to u? Yes, I thank Jesus that we Christians hide and do things, according to Yahaya Abdulmumini, I wish he shows us proofs. I have proofs for their “Holier than though acts” Their girls and women go about covering themselves and smeling inside all in the name of not exposing themselves, without wearing pants, so dat at the slight opportunity they get, the fuck at the corners of the buildings in the dark. All these litttle girls that carry trays hawking cola-nuts etc are all being fucked by the mai-guards, shoe repairers and the likes, we see them. Their women are not allowed to come out but are fucked by the drivers, house boys and all kinds of domestic workers and the so called teacher who go to the house to teach dem. I can go on and on. We live in the North amongst these people, have friends amongst dem and we talk and they us what goes on behind those tall barbed wired fence houses, their ordeals, unhappiness etc etc.

  49. If not for quota system,corruption and God fatherism,d liks of he goat yerima ought to b in zamfara farming and rearing cows,let me ask u guys(muslims) is Nigeria as a nation bin guided and ruled by d constitution or by islamic laws & sharia laws?of course the ansa is ovious,i hv neva seen a religion whr d doer of evil is d most appreciated,

  50. My fellow muslims, dn’t allow d greed of our political leaders to spoil ur religious identity. Remember, wen nig say, our govt have faild us, that include yerima cos he is part of d gov and we al knw dat d policies dy make is to suit dia interst. Secondly if a gal is to b married at dat young age,and never b divorcd, den it may b given a second thought. But pls b aware dat yerima’s youngest wife was married to him at 15 and he divorcd her @ d age of 19 (sa’bo’de allah), leaving ha wit a child nd educatn to pursue. Pls dnt let sentiment cloud ur jughment! we r al educatd.

  51. 6yrs old girl in Nigeria is still a baby legalizing their marriage is child abuse that goes to show that raping/harassment is no longer a crime punishable/wrong?

  52. Wherether Muslim or Christians just watch in a few months time to come, if there is no change on earth what wrath of God will do.Watch all the Countries that has legalized abortion and gay marriages what Nature is unlatching on them cartastrophically.yerima shall have a fare share of the punishment for defilement and divorcing a young girl He messed up and abandon so also are people guilty of the same offense. Whether you like it or not Christ is the head of heaven and. Earth. QED


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