Senior Safety Engineer at WTS energy

Job description Senior Safety Engineer

  • Identify the safety engineering activities applicable to individual SMRs or brown field projects to ensure compliance with Level 1 and Level 2 Safety Reviews.
  • Conduct hazard identification studies using scenario-based risk analysis methods (HAZOP, HAZID, etc.)
  • Carry out risk assessments based on semi-quantitative analyses (i.e. through use of risk matrices) and coordinate detailed quantified risk analyses (QRAs).
  • Identify and recommend ALARP mitigation measures using bow-tie or other analysis techniques, and propose acceptable technical solutions.
  • Carry out reviews of existing or proposed process, utilities, ESD and F&G systems to assess residual risks and ensure compliance with Company General Specifications.
  • Carry out and prepare basic safety engineering calculations and documents, e.g. firewater demand calculations, nozzle coverage area calculations, PFP coverage drawings, etc.
  • Prepare and issue reports including main conclusions of safety studies and reviews conducted, explanations of the main findings, recommendations, and conclusions.
  • Follow-up day-to-day progress of engineering activities (basic and detailed) to ensure recommendations from safety reviews are implemented into the design.
  • Review and approve engineering documentation for safety discipline, ensuring compliance with Company General Specifications, international codes and standards, and industry best practice.
  • Ensure close coordination with other disciplines (in particular process and process control/instrumentation) to avoid discrepancies and documentation recycling.
  • Coordinate, review, and approve safety engineering activities carried out by third parties or subcontractors on behalf of Company.
  • Ensure that engineering documentation, requisitions for procurement and suppliers bids evaluation be fully compliant with Design Dossier major documentation (safety concept, PIDs, ESD logic, diagrams…etc) and with Company General Specifications.
  • Attend as necessary project and technical follow up meeting with suppliers for main packages/equipment for checking of relevant sizing / calculations notes of safety equipment / facilities.
  • Ensure full and efficient coordination with Field Operations during engineering design, construction and commissioning with target of efficient start up / hand over to Operation

Requirements Senior Safety Engineer
Minimum Qualification: •Professional experience of 15 years minimum in Petroleum industry. Previous safety engineering experience of 10 years minimum
Experience: Verifiable experience in the use of MS Office packages

Terms & Conditions Senior Safety Engineer
Opened to Nigerians only

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