SHOCKING: Catholic Priest Beheaded By Jihadist Rebels


A catholic priest, Father Francois Murad has been beheaded by Syrian terrorists in a shocking public execution that was captured on video.

The Vatican confirmed his death on Monday. Father Murad was taken from the convent for the Custody of the Holy Land, where he was hiding.

Reports have it that the Catholic priest was attacked by militant Syrans linked to a jihadi group called Jabhat al-Nusra.

A recording of the priest’s beheading was posted to the internet on Monday, showing a crowd of spectators that included two other people recording the execution with smartphones. The video showed a man identified as Murad sitting on the grass with his hands tied together. A crowd gathers, shouting at him in Arabic.

After the Catholic priest was beheaded, onlookers moved in close to view the aftermath.

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  1. Why is it shocking? That is islam, the religion of peace as practised by its true adherents. Islam teaches the merciless slaughter of “disbelievers” as they call it. The rest of the sane world should come out and call islam by its true name: EVIL. Islam is EVIL.


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