South East Forum In North Insist On Igbo President In 2015 •Laments Injustice Against Ndigbo

BallotBoxVote_0Igbo political leaders in the 19 Northern states and Abuja have condemned the alliance between some governors in the South East and South South geo-political zone to support the candidacy of President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 presidential elections.

The leaders, who met under the banner of South East Forum (SEF) after its two-day meeting in Kaduna, issued a communiqué on the state of the nation as it concerns Ndigbo.

The SEF stated that it is not in support of the President’s ambition as Ndigbo will field a presidential candidate for the 2015 general elections.

The communique which was signed by 17 leaders of the Forum including its coordinator in the 19 northern states, Chief Damian Inyama and its Abuja chapter chairman Dr. PM Wilfred Okafor, posited that the Igbo race has been subjected to perennial socio-political injustice since independence.

It said: “in the light of the perennial socio-political injustice perpetrated in the Nigeria nation against the Igbo race which she has been deliberately denied by the state of the position of president since independence,” adding that, “this forum strongly insists that it is the turn of Ndigbo to produce a president in 2015 and therefore encourages all lovers of justice and equity support this demand to produce the next president come 2015”.

They also berated some Southeast governors and traditional rulers who are building support base for Mr. Jonathan’s ‘re-election in 2015

The communiqué also decried the neglect of Ndigbo following the loss it suffered in the North in aftermath of the declaration of President Goodluck Jonathan as winner of the 2011 presidential election arguing that it was wrong for the Igbos, who suffered the biggest casualty in the crises, not to be compensated.


  1. @ Rose, who is fit to rule Nigeria? The ibos has been patients and peacefull for others to rule, they have shown tolerance to the highest, they decided to mind their business and encourage economic growth. What has other ethnic tribe done all this while they have been given the opportunity yet they are still fermenting trouble because they are power drunk. Nigerians owe the Ibos apologies for the injustice and killings of mostly Ibos in the North, @rose people like you dnt even know your country and you has already been sold to foreigners, instead of you to pray that God should bring somebody that will take us to the promise land, you are here making foolish comments. I pity your type.