Soyinka Is An Embarrassment – Patience Jonathan

Jonathan Mrs

Wife of the President, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, on Friday took a swipe at Prof. Wole Soyinka, for attributing the crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly to her.

In a statement by her spokesman, Ayo Osinlu, the First Lady said Soyinka betrayed the moral duty that was expected of him as a respected member of the society, to carefully consider all shades of issues that informed his opinions on any matter.

Mrs. Jonathan said Soyinka had become an embarrassment to his admirers with his diatribe against her.


“Unfortunately, Soyinka betrayed moral duty in his recent diatribe against Mrs. Patience Jonathan.

“Of course, this would not be the first time he would reach out against the First Lady, usually from self-righteously indignant lecterns.

“In this particular instance, his verdict was that Mrs. Jonathan was ‘stoking the crisis currently rocking her home state of Rivers…’, and thereupon asked Mr. President to caution his wife.

“The good, old Prof. reminds one of the truth that indeed, most of the giants on the street are men of like passions like everyone else. Worse still, most of them are actually standing on clay feet and would fail the test of a gentle push.

“Otherwise, who would have believed that the social, civil, constitutional and sundry rights crusader Prof. would maintain a safe distance from the heart of an activity that is a potential threat to the peace, security and safety of the people of a state, then collect exaggerated stories and jaundiced perspectives from familiar propagandists and character assassins, and promptly summon the media to a ‘state of the nation’ address.

“It’s an embarrassment to his throng of admirers and followers, that a sage of Prof. Soyinka’s status, who used to be a gauge of public morality in this nation, would lend himself to a propaganda of high drive, to save a governor who elected to launch into a river without applicable survival skills,” the statement read in part.

Mrs. Jonathan argued that the plan was to attack the President and pull to pieces anyone associated with him, as a strategy for attracting public sympathy to the “clear underdog.”

According to her, Soyinka was only contributing to the project when he claimed that she was Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s problem.


  1. Hmmmm suchlady permit me to say,anything u say or do wil b used against u in the court of public law,all this outburst won’t change wht we 9ja pole already know,soyinka only just spoke as an elder statesman,patience big and wise up,is ebele we voted nt u d dictator,u can lord over ebele at home and nt wash out in public

    • l strongly believe U, D man Prof. Wole should be speak like a respectable man we see him as, not come out and talk a like child will do, Their is need to hear from the both ends of issues…………..l wonder where this nation is heading

    • @Makay or what do you call yourself? This is socila media, so you can pour verbal diarheah at the Prof. Would you and the first lady would ve been priviledged to communicate with talkless talking rubbish against him. When you were in the womb he was acknowledged writer and activist. You can go ahead agree with the illiterate and opportunist first lady. When he fought Military where your likes and the drunkered FL? Go and rest your brains.

  2. The Presidency, the PDP or any political party, Nigeria is bigger than u pple. Stop pretending and lied in a true and convincing activities that is going on in Rivers. Mr Ayo Osinlu, u are a young man with great and good future. So attacking an elderly man who see what u can not see even if u are on top of a tallest building in this situation bcos u blind by ur office. Every Nigerians knows that the Presidency has hand in what is going on in Rivers most especially the First Lady. If not who is Wike and The Cp to be fighting a seating Governor and the Presidency is not calling this pple to order that are under the presidency if they are not playing the scripts of the Oga at the top. GEJ, who ever is advising u on issues like this is not helping but is given the opposition a great and good edge over u bcos we are in democracy. Do u think that the mistake that OBJ did during his tenue will be accepted in ur time? No Mr GEJ. Nigerians are watching every move that is going on and if truly u want to come back, u better check ur boys and their operation that some of them done have ur interest. God help my beloved Country and Nigeria will be good again.

    • @ EMMANUEL, u r just repeating wat other people have already said.. Wat proof do u hav by saying dat the first lady and d presidency is behind d saga in rivers state polity..?? Just let amaechi finish d fight of which he started.. The governor of rivers state should go and settle with his saviour barr. Nyesonwike

      • @@welfare or whatever is ur name, r u that naive?! U say d gov should go n settle with wike, is that y we all in Rivers State must suffer n go back 2 our ignoble 2003-2007 years? D return of kidnapping, killing of opponents, gangsterism, cultism, killingss here n there, etc? I think d time is not right 2 cast aspersions but right2 say an emphatic ‘NO’ 2 all anomalies hhappening right now in our dear State. D time 2 do that is now or never cos when a fire is started in any direction, once started has no friend or enemy.

  3. dis is wat i call political babadash and they are in a state of hukmabukma…….u guyz shuld stop this emarrasmentus tragedicoma sintus and settlementa ur biffmerantus problematic inside your offficelinstic……all is well

  4. Let each and every one involve in this Rivers State Crisis STOP this unGodly act. People with the same Red Blood Cell with you is involve in this great plot. Mrs Jonathan, Rotimi Amaechi and Prof. Soyinka should iron this out to avoid lost of lives.

  5. Ummmmh, again the aids to the first Lady also lamabasting prof wole soyinka for an elderly advice the gentle prof just said and also aids to his husband also doing something of such, I wonder who they are now fooling if they said they know nothing about what happening in River. All the people surrounding Mr president are enemies of success and gold diggers

    • @ sylvester…. U r a very big fool by supporting d Gud for nothing prof. instead of bringing solution 2 d problems dat our state is been engulfed, wole soyinka is busy causing my confusion and tension in d polity…

      • @welfare 1 emeritus, why is it difficult to understand that the solution is what Prof said? Caution your wife is the best and yourself (Mr. President). If they do this, then we shall see if crisis in River States come down or not.

  6. For the first time, I disagree with my amiable Prof. I can only say he say no holistic insight into the problem in Rivers and was misinformed. In summary, the problem in Rivers is a play of power with so many actors evening including media houses.

    Whatever the public read or view from media sources an edited script or rather one that will buttress the stand of pro-governor.

    The governor has derailed from the good path he earlier took. Like all politicians he now recruiting and working with any that would promote his personal agenda and not that of Rivers people.

    Things had fallen apart, the centre couldn’t hold again.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The governor and his alliances are on the path of absolute power pursuit while the minority who feel oppressed are on the path of jungle justice.

  7. To be candid and realistic,Prof was nt supposed to criticize any party:Patince nor Amaechi because such a situation is a delicate matter that can change d indigenous ppl against the first lady..Calling Prof an embarrassment is a deserving statement..Prof delved into the situation because he is on Amaechi’s side and it shouldn’t b so..Instead of solving the problem,he aggravated the whole thing

  8. I don’t like wole but the first lady must be careful and know that she is the wife of the president and not the president, her press people are uncouthed and they should be careful cuz they could implicate the first lady. Power really intoxicates

  9. Everybody knows that Ameachi is interested in becoming a VP and he would use all available means including media for propaganda against who ever he think would be a stumble block, and mr president is the biggest obstacle. And don’t expect the president who is also thinking of recontesting for second to just fold his hand and watch Ameachi use the opposition, puplic sympathic to rubish him. For Wole Soyinka to just conclude that the first lady is the causin all the problem in Rivers is one sided, he should find way of addressing such issue.

  10. It is of great importance to remember that the invention of writing and the use of pen,ink,and paper has had a greater influence in uplifting the human race than any other intellectual achievement in the career of man. I personally believe it is more important than all battles ever fought and all methods of government ever devised,when an individual of high societal standing or a fraction of some biased media agents choose(s) to use their social status to co opt the gullible public into digression,instead of using the advantage inherent in the use of their writing,penning,inking etc,to drive their society for a positive impact they rather resort to name calling. The world beheld a barbaric video in which an Hon. member of Rivers state legislature was brutally hacked down with a heavy wooden mace and instead of condemning the barbarism,some people preferred to smear the president & his wife who is far removed and well known for their peaceful disposition ever since. I have expected Mr Soyinka to condemn the action of Hon. Chidi Lloyd against his supposed friend & colleague, I had expected Nigerians to cry out against such manner of attempted murder,I most expected Gov. Amaechi to apologise to Okrika people for the wickedness meted to the Hon. Member representing them. I most graciously expected all knees to kneel & pray for quick & safe recovery of Hon. Chinda.

    • @Onuorah Ndubuisi G. (Chinda), you are missing the point, Prof is not going against anyone or calling any names. Please you must be sincere with yourself on this issue? Do you even know where this problem started at all? Oh you are sitting down there and you thought this is where the problem started right? Go back to archive and trace from where it started to this point we are, then you will understand better and also know why the Prof came out to tell Mr. President to caution his wife. Do you think everyone in Nigeria doesn’t know what is going on? I am not here to talk for or against, but try not to be biased when it comes to reality. God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria. God Bless Me. God is Working.

  11. Prof Soyinka is a big fool. What good has he done for Nigeria? He was a critic of Babangida yet he accepted to be the head of road safety commission created by Babangida, and later wrecked the road safety with his stupidity and corruption. Recently, he jealously said that Chinua Achibe was not fit the respect of being called the father of African literature and refused to attend the funeral of Achibe. If Soyinka has anything to offer to Nigeria, he should join a political party and contest for the highest office in land and show us what he can do to improve Nigeria otherwise he should put up or shut up. I hate this man with a passion.

    • No! He [Soyinka] never said late Chinua Achebe was “not fit” for such title. Try to read and re-read the interviews on this issue again. By the way, Soyinka has nothing to lose if you “hate” him “with a passion.” Achebe is gone, but his works here speak in volumes. Hate or HATE, Prof. will transcend from this plain someday, and his works, like Achebe’s will also be revered.

  12. Prof. Soyinka is now on the pay-roll of the Rivers State Governor. He needs to call his paymaster to order. Whose fault is it that amaechi decided to plunge himself into a deep sea without the neccessary safety gadets? Why is the leanrned prof. pretending not to be aware of the crises in the Rivers State Univ. of sci. & Tech? The first lady should be left alone by soyinka & his likes. For most of us that know him,his outburst shows that either he is baised or ornot fully aware of the embarassmen

  13. u have no hand in it hmm,yet u went there and spent 2 whole weeks after which ur cousin whom u went for his wedding decided to go and fight 4 u? Haba, the worst sin one can do unto self is lying to self and you ardent good at doing that madam patience. ur bother had no superior backing and he just took it upon him self to fight his colleagues? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we know how u guys work, don’t try acting smart cos u look stupid.

  14. Hw can we even be listening or replying to statements credited to a man who dosnt believe in the existence of God.He cannot and will never be in the path of truth.Please Mr Soyinka,leave our first lady alone in Jesus Name.

  15. Wole soyinka I know is noble man, he can’t just come out and speak anything. He must have seen something behind the issue before he speaks. So patience jonathan should know how to follow people as a first lady she is. To avoid abusing her status as one.

  16. 4 d 1st tym I disagree wif d noble prof. Patience is onli d victim as well as evry R/S man n woman of Ameachi’s plots 2 discredit d south 4rm producing a Prez cum 2015 as prt of plans by d North Amechi is a dog n shud go n eat shit alone we 9ja deltans r nt rdy 4 such disrespectful fellow as part of south south development strategy. No no way Amechi u r on ur own….

  17. Why some pple are still taking us back? How can wole economize the truth? My question is that, why is ebele afraid of amaechi? If he wants to win in 2015, let him start working.that illiterate 1st lady shuddering go back to school.

  18. Why some pple are still taking us back? How can wole economize the truth? My question is that, why is ebele afraid of amaechi? If he wants to win in 2015, let him start working.that illiterate 1st lady shuddering go back to school.

  19. I don’t really have much to say but to say keep it up,
    Keep messing your self’s up, it’s really annoying to see that our so called leathers are messing their self’s up in the name politics. But Soyinka has always been a noble man, in every rumour there is always atom of true in It.

  20. First of all, any 1 who has said or uttered any ill word against d Prof is Obviously A BIG FOOL and I say it with no apology. D prof is som1 who says and gives his testimony without fear or favor. And for those of u supporting d 1st Lady, its unfortunate to know how myopic u are especially as u neva had to suffer d things we did when she visited Rivers state. I have no stake with Amaechi but pls let truth be told, he has and is still doing well for Rivers. D thing is Some indigenes are gluttons and very Ungrateful. Prof is like som1 who is giving voice to d afflictions of d masses especially those who cannot speak out against d excesses of d first lady and this obviously transcends beyond d boundaries of religion or belief. Its high time some of y’al grow up and begin to see things as they are and not by perception.

  21. Wole Soyinka was right bcos almost everyone in Nigeria knows dat d Rivers state case has a link wit d enemity bw Amaechi and d presidency if not 4 dat who is d commissioner of police called Ibru or even Wike to be lambastin a sitting governor without being cautioned by d president…..

  22. Who is the real embarrassment? Haba mama J, so you can call someone an embarrassment. I don’t blame you, you better concentrate your energy on learning how to construct good sentences than attacking a true, tried and trusted elder statesman, Prof Wole Soyinka.

    You and your figure head husband have only succeeded in dragging this nation to the mud, but God is bigger than you and your judgment awaits you. How can a nation full of highly educated people be ruled by a set of jokers who only stash the country’s resources in their personal loot. Again, I say your judgment await u.

    • I have known many Nigerian youths to have a strong aversion for the truth. And they are mostly the victims of their own stance. Part of the problem we have in this country is that our youths don’t reason well or their sense of good reasoning has been beclouded by ethnic sentiments. How can any right thinking person say Jonathan and his illiterate wife have not hand in this, starting from governors’ forum saga to Patience visiting rivers for two weeks? Who else is higher than the governor and to whom the CP must listen? Our youths are very myopic ! And that’s why the country keeps going down every day under our watchful eyes. Who suffers it? The youths. God help Nigerian youths!

      • i so much love ur comment. you dont have to blame some of them but the system that produce them. i think we nigerian youths should be more diplomatic, sensible and more reasonable in our thinking and the way we analyse issues…we dont have to be sentimental in our judgement

  23. Myopic is the perfect word for all dis illiterates supporting patience even a blind man with just hearing the whole scenario will confirm 1st ladies hand in this issue av bin following Gov Amechis controversy with d president from the NGF wia 16 was greater than 19 to rivers state law makers who needed at least 22 sitting lawmakers to impeach a speaker bt 5 people took power into dia hands.Av lost so much confidnce in GEJ rule as president tho I supported him earlier.he is not fit to rule nigeria

  24. Madame first lady! Go and learn proper English before you speak to my professor! You are more of a disgrace and entirely a nonentity if you think we can be fooled! My professor said what was right, is right and stands to be! You are the architect behind what is happening in Rivers state and we all know it! A governor being impeached by 5 members of the house of assembly? This is unheard of any where in the world! Its a pity that Your TOY, sorry did I say toy? Husband happens to be the accidental president of my dear country! Mtcheew, Nigeria is doomed….

  25. Your huby Mr President is not doing well. His votes were not PDP alone, he has failed the nation, how can Wole be an emberassment to him. Talk to husband women. Come next election he will loose his deposit . Makachukwu.

  26. the pple condeming prof shud knw that sum1 has to speak, if gov cannot force his state ig to resign u shud knw that der is sum force gr8ter than d gov controlling d state n when u saw 2 pple fighting, d stronger party is hold down b4 u can end d fight. so let him speak his mind bcus he is a citizen n we are at d time of demo..

  27. if not dat woke or wat d hell his name is been backed by Jonna d lost n his becomin area woman wife…wat wil give him d power to fight his governor?……God GO punish all of una way de support bad tin for dis country…AMEN

  28. may i remind d first lady dat d prof she is lambasting today is d reason why we could hear her name today. If wole soyinka has not fought to enthrone democracy today, an ideology she’s ignorantly trampling on, patience jonathan wud be an ordinary woman, base in one riverine village in bayelsa, and married to a man who grew up wif no shoes…

    Soyinka predicted dat rivers crisis wud degenerate to dis, it turned out so. Therefore, he know more than we do.

  29. Dis is d hand work of d presidency, sametin happened in Oyo state wen OBJ (President) used Adedibu & Mobile Policemen 2 flush Sen. Ladoja out of power years ago, i witnessed it, it was hell dat year in Ibadan, Mr President yr time is running fast

  30. its a pity most of our youths are out of track in analyzing situations…i cant put blames on you though but the system that produce most of u commenting on this issue…i will not and am not taking sides but why not look at this issue from sides involved and see the antecedents of the crisis. where were u people some weeks back when the first lady was about visiting the state? can any of you remember what was said about the visit and what some quarters told the first lady? am not taking sides as earlier said but i thing you people criticizing prof oluwole should be diplomatic in your way of thinking and not think blindly as if you have got no common sense: anyway the suppose common sense is not common though.

    i think we need to get so many things straight in ourselves before pointing fingers. and to all insulting the prof i pity u. do u know what it takes to have a Phd talk less of being a prof and also the first African to win a noble price prize? and to all saying what good has prof played in the development of the country, i think you need to go back to the school to study the history of this country then u find out his role and what he has also done for the uphold of the little good we all enjoying in the democracy we have today.

    we should all admit the political situation in our beloved country is in a mess before pointing fingers.
    issues in rivers state is just demo- crazy(demonstration of craziness like fela said)

  31. lets be judicious with our criticism on the both ends..the president is the commander and chief of the arm forces of narrow it down to ur family where the father is the head..he is responsible for any act of delinquency perpetrated be the kids to a high degree though…now Mr.wole might have not used the right terms..but on the contrary the issue is long over due for the peoples president to bring the erring parties to order as the head..where he failed to the first lady should advocate for peace as a is a disgrace that funny things happen in this country and nothing is done to correct it yet we intend to have a good future,now what norms and morals are you people living is only in my country that corrupt leader are correlated..we only learn the evil practices of the West what about their few morals like the recent sentences of a former minister in China and a former Prime minister in Italy who where jailed or their roles in corruption…Mr.Soyinka,next time you want to give an advise pls use simple English a prof..i no say you might not have this time to narrate your perceived view pls just to make ur student understand you better…let there be peace jare…

  32. Hmmmmmm no bi small tin,in dis issues all of them ve problems,if u re talking abt ruleing well,no bdy ve rule us well,soyinka ve nt done anytin 4 us at rite we don’t ve any gud leaders at all.dey are all d sametin.let us pray n see where dis our country wil take us to,we will wait till God give us gud leader to rule us n clear all d old ones from A to Z

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  34. Ei guys. Common. Let us be reasonable with our utterances. Please let us expunge gutter phrases in our writings. Both sides are no God. Ammedments could be made later, but like somebody reasoned, three irretrievably things include a spoken word, a broken egg and a shot arrow. Some of us are either weak in emotional intelligence and could not be bothered whatever what you say about someone is hurting, insulting, rude or immature. Please decorum, respect, maturity and clear conscience are required in this instance. God bless Nigeria.Pst. Dr. Abioys.

  35. Ei guys. Common. Let us be reasonable with our utterances. Please let us expunge gutter phrases in our writings. Both sides are no God. Ammedments could be made later, but like somebody reasoned, three irretrievably things include a spoken word, a broken egg and a shot arrow. Some of us are either weak in emotional intelligence and could not be bothered whatever what you say about someone is hurting, insulting, rude or immature. Please decorum, respect, maturity and clear conscience are required in this instance. God bless Nigeria.Pst. Dr. Abioye

  36. To everyone that has contributed, I tend to ask these questions:
    Why is Amechi so much against Jona’s govt?
    Why does he always antagonise him in the media?
    Can we truly say that Jona’s govt is the worst ever in this country or is it a case of calling a dog a bad name to hang it?
    When did a first lady barred from visiting her home state for whatever reason?
    Who called for the sitting of the HOA on that day? Was it not the speaker?
    Do you think that the ‘5 anti-Amechi’ really over power the ’27 pro-Amechi’ in the fight before the impeachment?
    Were there security agents or ‘Thugs’ seen in the chamber before the arrival of the Gov?
    Did the Police and other security provide security for the sitting?
    Were there security persons seen outside the gate of the assembly while the sitting was ongoing?
    Was Gov supposed to come physically to ‘intervene’ in a purely internal matters of the house?
    Did we see the Gov’s orderly and supporters physically assaulting his opponents on camera under his watch?
    What kind of Gov can we say he is? A kind that welcomes opposition?
    What do you think the Gov would do to his ‘enemies’ if he were in Jona’s shoes?

  37. They shuld help Nigerian youths by creating employment,graduates are in the streets looking for where to earn living nd they are @ the top seeking for positions nd disgracing themselves;they can never understand what poor Nigerians ar going through.

  38. I’m really enjoyin dis comments, bt can we pls reduce d rate at which we use dis foul words…. #Nigerians dey para gan….. By d way, ow far wit d strike affecting our higher institutions (universities and polytechnics)

  39. what a shame, madam patience, is it not the same prof that make u and ur husband to be where u are today. where were u when turai and her collaborators were not willing to release power to ur husband. now u have the gut to insult the same group of pple that fought for u pple. Do u think NIGERIANS HAVE FORGOTTEN UR CASE WITH EFCC. U ARE BIGGEST EMBARRASEMENT TO THIS COUNTRY.

  40. Patience! It is normally good for you to listen to words of reasoning! You are enjoying the position of first lady though we did not vote for you and which is unconstitutional, only WHEN we have peace in the country, I don’t know if the power that you have cornered has corrupt you absolutely. But it will pay you to have peace in that state and Nigeria as a whole to enjoy your flamboyant first ladyship. LET THERE BE PEACE IN RIVER STATE.

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