Soyinka’s Comment On The First Lady That Elicited Her Sharp Rebuke [Unedited]

Soyinka-VS-PatienceIt is no longer news that Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, was described as an ’embarrassment’ to his admirers and followers by the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

If you missed her tirade against Prof. Soyinka, read it here.

However, Information Nigeria brings you the full and unedited statement made by the renowned playwright that earned him a tongue-lash from the President’s wife in a statement issued by her media aide, Ayo Osinlu on Friday night.


For me, the siege of Port Harcourt for 11 days by security apparatus indicates that there is something even beyond the madam herself. My last word to her is that ‘be a lady first’. Before being a First Lady.

You cannot be a First Lady without being a lady. This is the only advice I have for her because now it is evident that she is getting away with murder in this country only because she has the backing of her husband and that she is being used in my view politically.

When it gets to a stage where an unelected person, a mere domestic appendage of power can seize control of a place for 11 days and as a result of her presence, the governor of that state is told by a policeman that ‘you cannot pass here because the queen is there.

What’s sort of jungle are we living in? Again, there is at the very least vicarious responsibilities that must be laid at the doorsteps of President (Goodluck) Jonathan. Above all, I am calling on Mr. President, openly and publicly to please curb the excesses of your wife. She is a wife, she is an unconstitutional being, she should not be empowered to such an extent that she is flouting the prerogative, the rights and the responsibilities of the governor of any state, in Rivers, Lagos or in any other state.

I have read in the papers the other day about the youth crying. What is it? Is she the first First Lady we have had in this country? This illegality is becoming very intolerable. I notice she’s being used, I mean the First Lady is now being used directly or indirectly by the President to distablise or reduce the authority of an elected governor. We have now reached the bottom of obscenity and it got to stop.

Thank You.



  1. Prof has nt gone beyond his boundary bt Patience has violated the rights of Nigerians especially Gov Amaechi. Moreso, ‘she’ must blf that God is much more powerful and learn from the death of Abacha. When she was sick, Naija prayed and fasted bt now u felt,it is by ur power? Forget

  2. wheneva i get to tink about hw dis people missuse dis power…O.M.G…we r just too meek…take a look at wat is hapening in Egypt ….mehn …nija make we make up na…we can cast all dis nonsence people out of power..they r nt useful yet they creat trouble evrywhere……area mama …be WARNNNN OO….

  3. I really don’t know why the Prof went this far, he should retrieve back his statement and reconcile with the presidents family. I have not seen the wife of the prof speak in the public all these years he has been active as an elders statesman, that alone shows he dislikes the participation of women and relegates them to house wives only. Only a Rivers person can testify in the crisis in Rivers.

  4. Yes, and that’s all he said to warrant the Dame’s written verses, but Nigerians being what they are, chose to bark at him — many of whom did not even get to read this in the first place before commenting. It’s all interesting though.

  5. D Prof said Gods mind, Patience shuld seek peace in her home, dis does not blong 2 one person, Who get 2day nor get 2morow, is a small world,Amechi wil also b in Aso Rock 1 dayoooooo, God bless d Prof

  6. No surprise @ ur take in this case Soyinka, we all know that you a just a puppet being used indirectly by the opposition party…just pray n hope u change n be a man of ur own words. At least for once

  7. Who is Dame ? An unconstitutional office that intends to overshine legally constituted authorities in a country where priorities are misplaced ! Intelligent and humble women are neither arrogant nor going out too often. They are not also known for talking any how . However, a goat can eat pounded yam, if you readily prepare it for it .

  8. the first lady does not ve any legitimate right to talk in whatsoever, her office is not constitutional remember; why acting as if she’s the president in every matter. The prof knows the book, & what he said is right jare.