Syndicate Whose Specialty Is Smuggling Nigerians To US Smashed In Lagos

A syndicate which specialized in smuggling desperate Nigerians to the United State of America, USA, for N1.5 million each has been smashed by the Nigeria Police Special Fraud Unit, Milverton, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Spokesperson for the unit, Ngozi Nsitume-Agu, said the syndicate’s modus operandi included match-making their preys with winners of America visa lottery as couple.

A male teacher in a  school around Mafoluku area of Lagos and a female prey from Ekiti were arrested by the unit.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nsitume-Agu, said their was effected following a petition by the  Assistant Regional Security Officer to the United States Consulate General alleging that  the suspects, Adejayan Adetokunbo and Adebisi Funke “conspired and went to  the US Embassy to be interviewed for Immigrant visa to USA as couple, adding that the said marriage was determined to be fraudulent.

“It was also alleged that they were working with touts for  the purpose of smuggling Nigerians to the United States of America. The suspects were arrested by the embassy when they came to collect their visa and handed over to SFU.

“Investigation revealed that they were not husband and wife as they claimed. It was an ‘arrangee’ marriage by one Segun and his syndicate who specialized in merging prospective visa seekers together in marriage for onward smuggling to U.S.A.

“Their modus operandi is to merge a lottery visa winner with a non-winner and package both to USA.  In this case, N1.5 million was collected from Funke and she was purportedly joined in matrimony with Adejayan Adetokunbo who genuinely won the lottery visa. Both suspects confessed in their statements that they were not husband and wife.”

In his confessional statement, 35-year-old Adetokunbo, native of Ondo Local government Area of Ondo State  admitted to  have won the visa lottery which he said was entered on his behalf by  a friend, adding that the undisclosed friend later instructed him to be attached with a woman when coming.

According to Adetokunbo, the so-called friend introduced him to one Segun who brought Funke for the arranged marriage and subsequent visa interview.

Funke also confessed, but claimed she didn’t know it was anything shady.

The 27-year-old claimed to have paid N1.5 million in two installments to members of the syndicate to process her visa and other charges which included passports, medicals and training, stating that the syndicate played on her gullibility.


  1. These ondo people that are into this nawa for them d samething happened to a friend. One guy from ondo collected his pix and name and played US DVlottry on his behalf and my friend won the lottry but d guy dat did it for him used his own address so. He told my friend that he has won d lottry but he has to pay him some money or else he will attach a girl with him as his wife of which he collected money from that girl. So bcs my friend could nt afford the whole amt he demanded. My friend agreed wt him to go wt the girl .They did fake white gown wedding. But wen dey went for d interview at us embassy dey got to knw dat they faked the marriage and they denied them d US VISA. The girl was crying bcs d money she paid the guy she couldn’t get it back. Likewise my friend. Those poeple from ondo should stop that runs bcs us embassy had known their tricks. What they do in ondo state is that those people that are into it will snap ur pix or take ur pix and ur and d neccessary information needed to play us lottry, for as many poeple as they can get, but used their own contact address and then sacrificially play d lottry for those poeple so wen d result comes out it will come tru their own address and whosoever win. They will demand money from him or ask to attach a lady to him


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