The Case Of Fraud Involving Shina Peters

According to some reports, newly elected PMAN president, Alhaja Aminat Dangaji, is accusing Juju star, Sir Shina Peters of fraud.

Inside source revealed that the issue between the two of them began some time ago when Shina Peters is fondly called planned to launch his latest album and he was said to have contacted the business woman, Hajia Daganji for some financial help.



Hajia, it was gathered, promised to bankroll the event on a condition that the proceeds of the event would be shared on an agreeable percentage. Sources said shortly after the event Peters instructed one of his band boys to immediately leave with the money so that the woman would not have access to whatever amount they realised on that day.


The woman was said to have felt so cheated and disappointed by the action of the Afro Juju artiste. Right now, Hajia has kept mum on the whole issue, one of her aides said, “madam has promised to deal with Sir Shina Peters when the time comes”.



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