Timaya Blasts OAP Live


The Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa may like his music fast-paced and energetic, but when he talks, he wants you to listen, and listen carefully.

Timaya, while trying to explain the points of his argument during a live programme at Blaze FM, Nnewi, was rushed off a question one time too many. The artiste didn’t find that amusing and he made his feelings known on air.

An act of arrogance and pride most people call it, but it seems as if the artiste knows where he is heading when he cut his host off saying, “Why do you journalists (OAPs) always cut people off? You ask one question and won’t allow people to ‘land’ before asking another.”

The host of the show, JJ, graciously allowed the artiste to have the microphone and voice out his mind.

Well, it was during the interview that Limpopo King, KCee who was also being interviewed,  announced that he would soon be dropping a new single with his ‘partner on the streets’, Timaya. He also used the opportunity to tell his fans that Limpopo means ‘Let’s have fun’.

“It’s a ‘feel good song’ and I really appreciate how my fans have so quickly taken to it,” he said.