Tonto Dikeh Fires Back At Iyanya




As I reported earlier, Iyanya in a interview today confessed how he could die for Yvonne Nelson, dust off Tonto Dikeh and have dinner with Genevieve..

The actress turned singer Tonto Dikeh was quick to reply the Kukere master’s talk on Twitter.

Read her tweet below: –


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  • let me give u a beta advice iyanya, you shuld stop playin wit dos galz especially Yvonne nelson, cos I love her so much.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • I beg u guy, dis gals doesn’t deserves to b broken down in sorrow, cos de’re our entertainers nd i lov dem so much Plsss!!

    • Am sure if Iyanya were not a star , neither Tonto nor Yvonne wd come near this reigning star with a flag pole but now all the actresses are over him . My man fire on but remember. MC hammer and. Majek Fashek be wise b4 these girls destroy ur destiny.

  • Iyanya go ahead jare those of them saying bad about you would do the same if they find themselves in your shoe

  • iyanya, ur becoming so lousy and ill mannered ….for the fact this girls are attracted to u isnt becos u worth it if you are less a star, bt 4u to kip on takin advantage of that to bad mouth abt dis flings makes u very irresponsible… must u kiss and tell, dats for boys , i thought u ve grown into a man…sori 4my assumptions ….bt be careful cos ladies can make or mar u cos without ladies, i dont knw whose gona be ur fan, cos its them that matters in entertainment world

  • when i first heard that iyanya bag yvonne nelson and dig Tonto,i knew she will fire back. If i’m in iyanya shoes,i promise i’ll get thru all them females artist leg one after the other. Anyway,iyanya should be careful and take it so cos at the end of sweet tins comes bitter. Tonto,will you give ur honey? Lol

  • I wonder why they are giving him that leverage, important people take their life more seriously than this. I can’t imagine a boy discussing me on twitter. I don’t give men that kind of opportunity. Tonto or Nelson, Look for a reasonable person to marry or move ahead with your career, don’t allow pple like this talk about choosing BTW you and Nelson, His name is IYANYA or IYAYA? please, fly higher than him.

  • Only fools talk nonsense and act stupidly. Vanity of vanities = VANITY. Face ur God and do d right things… Dis goes 2 inyaya, tonto, yvonne, all entertainers and U…

  • You dis artist, I mean ladies, there is no way, you won’t be changing guyz like cloth, bcos u are celeb, u will still be looking for celeb that still want to enjoy his life. Why don’t you go for bike man, shoe maker, fisher man, bus driver and so on, I swear you liv happily

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