Tunisia Sets Election Date Amid Tension

 Ali Larayedh
Ali Larayedh

December 17 has been set by Tunisia’S embattled government as date for general elections, as part of its attempts to defuse a political crisis sparked by the assassination of an opposition politician.

Opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi was killed last Thursday by gunmen in the capital, Tunis, just months after another opposition politician.

Prime Minister Ali Larayedh also proposed to speed the approval of a new constitution.

Larayedh, who is from the ruling Islamist party Ennahda, the party which has been blamed for opposition deaths, set an end-of-August deadline for debate on the constitution text to be completed.


The opposition has been demanding that the interim government resign. Larayedh said the government was prepared to hold a referendum on Tunisians’ support for the transition process.


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