U.S. Woman Returns Ring She Found In Pool 40 Years Ago


Anita Kamaka had no idea what Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) was when she stumbled across a gold ring with the words embossed in it 40 years ago.

“It was just an unusual ring and I never really inspected it very closely. I just put it aside,” said the San Francisco woman, who found it during the cleanup of the city’s famous 1,000-foot-long saltwater Fleishhacker swimming pool.

Kamaka, whose husband, Clifford, had been the head lifeguard, suspects the ring was dropped in the pool or changing room nearby.

She had been keeping it in a drawer with his things — he died in 1978 — but pulled it out again while going through them in April 2012.

She decided to search online for Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in hopes of returning the band to its owner.

“You read these stories about something that has been gone for years and years and years and suddenly it turns up again,” said Kamaka.

She wrote a letter to and sealed the ring in an envelope and asked her sister, who sometimes visits Canada, to mail it to the hospital the next time she was in the country.

Terry Dyni, OSMH’s director of community relations, received the package last week.

The ring was presented to a graduate of the hospital’s former nursing school in 1954, Dyni said. The initials J.E.P. are engraved on the inside of the band.

“We want to get the ring back to the original owner or, if that person’s not around anymore, we want to get it to the family,” said Dyni.