Underage Marriage Is Our Rights As Muslim – Asari Dokubo

The Niger Delta self declared militant, Mujahid Abubakr Asari Dokubo has given his opinion concerning the Underage Marriage Bill recently approved.


He took to Facebook page to expressing his opinion on the issues.

“People should learn to respect other people’s sensibilities. We Muslims have the right to marry when we want or give out our daughters at any age we want. It is not your business and the law must respect our right to do so.

Anything short of that is an infringement on our rights.We did not ask you to marry ladies of that age or give your daughters out in marriage at that age. Plzzzzzzzz respect our sensibilities.”



  • You’re very right Asari, constitution of the land gives equal right for all citizens to follow any religion of their choice, therefore, all non Muslims should not interfere into the matter, as it’s applicable to Muslims alone.

    • I think you need to be educated here, when a law is passed by the senate, it becomes binding on all citizens. I know that nobody will be forced to give his or her daughter in marriage, but think of it; in this country, where people like Asari Dokubo who have wealth, fame and all it takes to convince a poor man to give out his 13 year old daughter in marriage to him; don’t you think this law would serve as a support /backing for the father, and the husband, even against the will of that child?. In my opinion, if islam is truly in support of this marriage of underaged women, even at the age of 13, 14, 15; then islam tramples on the right of the girl child, girls at this age are helpless, most times they can’t even fend for themselves and end up being brutalised in marriage. Please, muslim faithfuls, rise up to the challenge and prevent this impending danger on the girl child, especially those from the low social economic status

      • Thank you! Leave that pig to his peadophile religion! Bunch of idiots! Everyday they keep proving to fellow Nigerians, and the international community, that they are a threat to unified peace, tranquility, stability….

        I’d better be a Buddhist or Hindu, cos they are more sensible and respectable, especially to females, than being a Muslim and the Islam religion!

    • You fool! The constitution is not Muslim law! Fool! You muslims continue to prove to us everyday, that your so-called religion is bullshit! The constitution is not a religious book, you dickhead! No one stopped Muslims from practicing their junk religion! Muslims fight to introduce Sharia Law, they bring in Sharia Banks, or whatever its called, they bring in all sort of stupid stuffs into being and now its underaged marriage. See the suffering and poverty in the North, none of those Senators brought up a topic to say, let’s fight poverty! I wish you have a five year old daughter, so a matured man would rape her, and I’d see how you wld hand her over for marriage! You forbidden fucktard, following the footstep of your so-called “prophet”: Mohammed! Little wonder, he had several wives, most of them where underaged and he also raped and dehumanise the feminine pride!

      You’re even proud to say “all non Muslims should not interfere into the matter, as it’s applicable to Muslims alone.” When a law is made and added to the constitution does it affect only Muslims or the entire Nigerian population, you fucktard?! Why shouldn’t we interfere in something that would harm our precious female kids, their psych and their future! If Islam or Muslim religion have no respect for underaged females, there are people that do, and would fight so that they don’t inflict the damage on others.

      Bunch of idiots! I wish Nigeria separates from you all! The South, East and West are what make up for the economy of Nigeria. SO, I imagine Nigeria splitting, poverty would reign and rule in the North, and those your faggot Imams, and whatever bullshit name they bear would be oppressing the poor, cos of their greedy nature, more faggots would be produced in a short time, so many underaged females would be raped and handed over for marriage, it would be a poor sight!

      You and your faggot name, “Mannir Musa”, you should curse the day you were born, cos I see most of you Muslims as one of the worst mistake of the condom factory and of nature!

      Peadophiles! God forbid people like you and your fellow Muslims who agree to this subject! God forbids the day you were born! I’d pick a gun and shoot your brains out, if by any means I find you near an underaged female, you pig! Islam = a religion that allows peadophile! I better go join Buddha than be a Muslim, bunch of pigs, long ravishing dicks ready to dehumanise any thing with an asshole or a vagina! Everyday, you guys show the world why the religion is a threat to world peace, to world harmony, sensible living.

      With the rage I have now, on seeing you, I can cut off your manhood, and leave you to die, just for that stupid statement you made! You guys in Muslim are like pigs, going to the slaughter!

      • @chris you must be a lunatical ape en moronic idiot, who lacks moral bankrupcy. may God give you a female child that will end up old in your house without marriage, cause i guess thats what you support. You support your pastors raping and molesting young ladies in the church with what you fuckin call “delivering”. You ignorant fool, i guess you most be mentally retarded cause ponkass like you, needs to be drown in the street of hell cause your a waste of your fathers sperm. “Since she was 9, I had to pay my father with sex before he lets me take part in church activities” thats 16year old girl that confess what she went through at her age and by her biological father, i think thats the kind of father that your gonna b in the future. Fathers going after their daughters like dogs indeed. stupid fool, aint gonna waste ma precious time because of a skunk like you….motherfucker, fuck you en your motherfucking mama, your mama most b a cheap whore to bring you into this world.

        • Just look at you! I dont why I felt like crying for you after reading your comment.

          Most of you guys, Muslims, really need psycho reformation!

          Just take a look at your pitiful and pysch statement: “may God give you a female child that will end up old in your house without marriage”… Hey dude, its better my daughter doesnt marry throughout her lifetime, I’ll give her that respect she deserves, than to give her off to an animal at her critical age. (Oh lord, I’m I really having this talk? Geez! Its painful to see how you Muslims think!) That’s the time, i’m supposed to be a father to her, care for her and see she grows up well. Now whatever happens or whatever she decides to do with her life once she’s matured is her business, not mine anymore!

          You support your pastors raping and molesting young ladies in the church with what you fuckin call “delivering”. So-called “Pastors” can do what they like, hell Islamic leaders are worse! I’m gonna tell you, the next time you see such act, pick up your phone, call the police and see that he is arrested for molestation! Except that’s not the case!

          “Since she was 9, I had to pay my father with sex before he lets me take part in church activities” thats 16year old girl that confess what she went through at her age and by her biological father, i think thats the kind of father that your gonna b in the future.”

          You make me laugh, because if that’s the kind of father I’d be, then I wld have been a muslim by now! cos that’s the only sect, that’s the only religion in the world, that allows for peadophiles!

          “Fathers going after their daughters like dogs indeed. stupid fool, aint gonna waste ma precious time because of a skunk like you”… The last time I checked, it was your so called “holy prophet” Muhammad that was guilty of barbaric acts like these! Every person that reads through my comments would know that I’m not such person. So, give yourself a “good excuse” cos that’s what you muslims do, its in your blood! Hell, Muhammad had a good excuse for all the evil he did and perpetrated! Its a shame, how you guys live!

          “motherfucker, fuck you en your motherfucking mama, your mama most b a cheap whore to bring you into this world.”…. lmao! Just tell me, how old was your momma when she gave birth to you? 13? or under 18? cos the last time I checked, that’s the age muslim girls are forced into marriage!

          Look at who is trying his best to insult my momma…. you make me laugh with pity for you! I just wish your momma is not the type that regrets having you!

          Go on living your life! No one holds you! Brainwashed by your religion, all you muslims, think the same way! and that is one of the biggest reasons, development in Nigeria seems like recreating World War II.

          Look at Dubai, the moment they decided to seclude themselves from some of the “stupid rules and laws” binding in the Islamic world, they turned out good! and today most Islamic nations are not comfortable with the idea of the “new Dubai”. You guys need reformation!

          May God help you all to see the true light, and forget all those brainwashed things you’ve ever known in Islam!

      • Why cant you address your insult to the man in question why the whole religion be careful is not any where in Quran that you should give your under age daughter out of marriage so mind your mouth.

        • Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not insulting the whole Muslim population, that’s why if you read line for line, I frequently used the word “most” and not “all” cos I know there are still reasonable Muslims out there, like my cousins and uncles and aunts!

  • @osfa, it’s nw cleared to me dat u re a BIG,OLD FOOL! Wu didnt av respect & filings in hs religion, if nt hw wil u insult a man dat’s preventing hs religion, check throughout hs remark and tel me wia he courses or use offensiv word, . .y sum of Us re stil IGNORANT!, go bk to ur pastor n learn manner of challenges plss, u lacked moral,loyal,humbly nd believed u didnt learn ur barbarism frm religion bt ur parent, . .be EDUCATED @osfa

  • It is a shame that rather than make policy that will make the girl child properly educated thus making our society better, we have deviated to allow the likes of Asari-Dokubo the opportunity to rape our sisters under the guise of religion. Every citizen is protected by the constitution girl-child inclusive, so if she can’t vote then she’s a child. Dokubo you are enjoying free money from govt while our homes have been destroyed by your battles. Is this what NDPVF now stands for? It is a shame.

  • If it is purely a religious issue, why then must it be in d national constitution. I think constitutional matters are National issues that demand no prejudice on religous beliefs.

  • who the cap fits. Asari is right. you people claim to protect human rights, why not copy from your masters who gave gay people their right to marry? that one is freedom abi?

  • Nobody is infringing any religion. Is it not disgusting and ignominious having sex with a girl that is not as old as someone’s first born? Those agitating for this obnoxious law cannot see their mature daughter with a man not to talk of their girl having a boyfriend.

  • gettin married 2 an under age child is clearly unethical, evri child has a right i guess nd should be protected nd not otherwise, i wonder y religion should support that.. God is de final judge afterall he has given us freewill do wateva u want but be warned der r consequences..

  • Some body please tell Asari to keep quiet if he has no better thing to say. He has never be on the right side of the news.

  • The issue of early marriage should not be discuss in the house of assembly or anywhere else considering the fact that its not national matter but religious one,if its their right( hausa) to marry early it shouldn’t be a problem as far as it suits their religion. So let not see it as a conflict between the two religion. So its not what be discuss and debate, cos it can’t go well with christians.

  • By underage marriage wat do u mean?is marriage at d age of 13 or 14 underage biologically a woman attain maturity at d age of 13.dis require consent of d girl n d parent n cannot n neva b likened 2 raped. Tnks

  • which one is beta,the person who legalised of early marriage or the person who legalised gay marriage.u know the truth and u’re covering it.May God forgive u

    • u dont know what you are saying…. has gay marriage been legalised in Nigeria. thats not the point of discussion.

    • Hey, gay marriage is a crime in Nigeria! 14 years imprisonment has even been slashed on any form of homosexaulity! But I better have an homosexual as a friend than a peadophile! Cos I wouldn’t feel okay having him around my house; my little girls would love to run around and play.

      • @ Chris you have problem and your argument is baseless because you don’t know what you are talking about,you talk about UAE have you being there before,UAE was created by all the Emirate nation, that is why it was called United Arab Emirate for Tourist and for other countries who want to come to Arab nation to have fun but due to some restricted law in other Arab nation such as your Dressing,Alcohol etc,so that they can come to UAE to have fun and feel the Arab atmosphere, that what the country was created for so if you want to talk, talk with your sense and face the Asari and stop talking about the Religion because no where in Quran that said you should married under age Girl because you never know that Quran is the continuation of bible that most of your leader omitted the fact in it and that is why you have different version of Bible and there is only one Quran,so when you want to Argue try and read Old testament and come with your fact,with fact that make Jehovah,Jews not to believe in Catholic,Celestial and the rest so my brother don’t start what you can finish and face Asari…………………………………….

        • who has time for you?

          see, I would have said much about this, but I won’t… Google has been made available, and more trusted history sites, check on the history of Dubai, and UAE, their dealings/connections with the western world and the perception other muslim nation have about them! Then you’ll understand! cos it seems you’re just talking out of what you’ve heard and think is right and not what is actually true!

          And please don’t say the Quran is a continuation of the Bible! I’m not a full Christian, hell, I’m a protestant! But it will even be a little bit better if you say, the Quran is an edit of the Bible! You just don’t know what you’re saying, it’s clearly obvious!

          Never should your Imams or Islamic leaders deceive you into thinking such! Of course, that’s what they do each day! That’s how the religion was formed– disinformation, deceit, misguidance, wanting control and all that related shit! I’m happy I was opportuned to study both the practice and theory of world religions and I’ll tell you, Islam is a whole issue on its own!

          After all findings, I accepted to believe in the most religions and more importantly, Christianity, because I found that there’s more to just a “religion”. There’s what they usually call personal encounter, I’m not gonna talk about that. But what i’m saying is this: “I found out almost all truth there was to find out about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and even Sikhism” and that’s why I will be bold anywhere in the world to say, I’d better be a Buddhist than Muslim! You have little or no idea of how messed up that Islam is, all the lies it’s built upon, I actually see it as an autocratic movement, not a religion! So pardon me if I insult anything related to Islam, its because its all brainwashing, at the highest form!

          Although, I’m happy that, at least, there exists reasonable muslims out there!

  • 4 God sake wot has d constitution got 2 do with religious issues?i think we ve beta issues 2 look unto.islam is beyond our imagination.no one is asking any1 2 give his daughter @ d age of 13 or 2 mary a gurl of 13.we muslims r guided by d holy book n nt d constitution.period!

    • what islam? is it not the same islam that ask her followers to kill anyone that is not an adherent of islam. what do you think that is good about a religion that encourages his follows to kill all people of other faith. kindly google satanic verse and spread the gospel to d deceiued like ur self.!!!!

      • Okey, stop displaying your ignorance here. To understand christisnity and the hypocrisy around it, read the Bible, to be specific Numbers 31: 17-20 and see the deceit in your stone age faith.



  • Let that stupid, fat pig, public nuinance in d name of CAN presido come out again and make comment as he made against Buhari. Foolish people. Pigs…

  • Everytin about this religion is false. Raping an innocent 9year girl, killing innocent people for virgins in heaven. Jesus foretold it :”They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me. John16:2-3
    Gay marriages or any abomination dt r practise in ds days was never supported in d Holy Bible,rather it was condemn.
    “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”1john1-7
    Anyone who kills, molest an innocent child of tender age, lies, hates his brother(neighbour) idolatry, gay, lesbin, violent, etc are AntiChrist. Jesus is coming soon no matter wht u confess. Only Him will save u!

  • You know what my people? In all of these, i am yet to hear from a Muslim lady/woman/or girl. Why are they not talking? At least some of them should serve as examples of early marriage. Perhaps they can tell us their experiences. May be they have had such brutalized experiences and have been molested and forced to silence that they can’t even say such out for fear … Please let all Muslim women who married at the ages of 6 to 18 come and talk to us first. Let them share their experiences. So far, only the men have been doing the talking. I am not surprised. Why won’t they talk and support under age marriage? They are not at the receiving end. But let their women also air their views. We want to hear them…

  • Nigeria is neither a Muslim nor a Sharia Country….. you cannot bring your religion laws to be binding on all Nigerians.
    The Nigerian laws frowns at underage marriage. Period.

  • Kai see this xtians oh, this law is only applicable to muslims, even muslims its optional if u wishes to do so and its not compulsory at that age to marry. Who said this should be a national law to both muslims and non muslims??? Shut your mouths and go concentrate on ur bible act and belief, leave muslims to their own beliefs

    • u r just in bondage of an idea of a pervert called Mohammad. U hv bn raping ur kids in the north with impunity, bcos muhammed did so to a six year old aisha, anyone disturbed u? When u wanna make a law of it biding on us, we the humans take gun and get ride of you.

  • Guy ur head no correct o
    u go gree giv ur daughter 2 alhaji 4 marrige @ 10 yearz old
    itz called UNDERAGE marrige meanin dey nt old enuf, hw she wan tak born
    Guy u dull

  • intsead of concentrating on how our roads can b beta n aw our light can b stable.u r tinkin of child marriage.nigerians do not let us kip uiet about dis!!!

  • We all know that Islam has never being fair to women! From women being the ones covering themselves head to toes in the heat of the tropics to them being the ones at the hidden part of the mosque and also being the prisoners at home and never going out! Women are the ones that cannot have more than one spouse! Hmmmm! I wonder why some women are not ashamed and are in support of this. Yerima and co has used islam to achieve their evil aim! I hope now the boy child can also get married at that age? LOL! Nigerian senators should also legalize gay marriage bcos the Anglican church believe in it and as such its their religious right too! LOL. Foolish senators that will never deliberate on something important! Pedophyles! No electricity, water supply, good education, ASSU is on strike, a litre of petrol is 150 naira, no jobs, half baked university graduates……..hmmmmmmm Yerima is really a waste of his fathers sperms and so is Dokubo. If men must attain age 18 before they are considered adults why won’t women be 18? I guess a girl that’s married at age 13 can be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes! LOL!

  • Chris! U’re so stupid and so unlettered. Marriage is a matter of choice, it is an agreement and arrangement btw d two parties involved and their respective families. Marriage has nothing to do wit force. U were not asked to give out ur daughters for marriage @ d age of 13 but don’t blame/insult those that’re doing such either based on religion or watsoeva. Chris, is it not better to give out ur daughter for marriage @ such age than fornicating all through her youth life in d name of education?Haven’t u seen a girl in her husband’s house and be going to school, is that a crime? Pls control that ur smelly cavity u called ‘mouth’.

    • Look at you! Loot at what you’re saying: “is it not better to give out ur daughter for marriage @ such age than fornicating all through her youth life in d name of education?”. Most of you guys calling yourselves Muslims are the biggest fools known to mankind!

      “Haven’t you seen a girl in her husband’s house and be going to school”. Of course, I’ve not seen, because I live around reasonable and respectable people, not among peahophiles and fucktards!

      “U were not asked to give out ur daughters for marriage @ d age of 13 but don’t blame/insult those that’re doing such either based on religion or watsoeva.” Are you kidding or what?! Do you think I care what your lame religion asks you to do, and you foolishly heed without thinking through? You think its any of my business? Its only my business when it begins to encroach into the boundaries I’ve decided to live within! The Nigerian constitution is not a “Muslim or Islamic constitution” you copy? Its not! Its far from that! So whatever your religion asks you to do, it doesn’t mean, it should be allowed in the constitution, even when we know it against nature, its morally depressing and an inhumane, barbaric act!

      Hell, I’m sure if the prophet was gay and Islam allowed it, the 14 years imprisonment that was slashed on homosexuality in Nigeria, wouldn’t have been! Maybe today, we’ll here Muslims saying: “As a man, is it not better to have sex with a fellow man than masturbating?”. Just like you said ” is it not better to give out ur daughter for marriage @ such age than fornicating all through her youth life”. You must be some special kind of stupid, for saying that!

      If a girl has reached maturity age and wants to fornicate through her life, its her business! She’s matured now! But putting teenage or under-teen girls through such, is wickedness of the highest order! A girl that’s supposed to be in school, under her parents roof, receiving help, advice and parental care, would be under the roof of a matured man! Dude, that is wickedness! There are billions of matured women in this world, why an underaged girl?! why?! Pity!

    • How I wish there was a law that punishes expression of illegal thoughts over the web, I wld make sure I see that you spend some years behind bar!

  • @chris, I dn’t know hw 2 curse u. May Allah givs u d highest punishment on dis earth & hereafta 4 insultin d holy Prophet (PBUH) – Ameen

    • “@chris, I dn’t know hw 2 curse u”

      Dude, the internet is a free platform for expression, you’ve got your mouths to speak, your hands to type and whatever. Oh wait, did your prophet or your religion restrict you guys from freedom of speech and expression?! Of course yes, it did!

      “May Allah givs u d highest punishment on dis earth & hereafta 4 insultin d holy Prophet (PBUH)”

      Dude, as long as I am concerned and the true God liveth, there was, there is and there will be nothing “holy” about your prophet Muhammad! Nothing! Nothing! Only the history of Islam and the life of Muhammad alone, has shown the in-depth root and trace of rascalism, feminine disdain, unreasonable killings, indirect forceful rule over its followers; its more like an autocratic movement, where the people hardly question what they are told, they hardly dig into research and history to find out more, their knowledge is controlled! This and even more, is what happens/control in the Islamic community, and that was one of the traits of your prophet!

      You said you’re a Muslim? I have no problem with people choosing religions, cos I’ve got Muslim cousins, uncles and aunts. But I’ve got problems when that choice becomes a pain.

      • Keep deceiving yourself saying Amen! Muhammad is burning in hell! I wonder how such a man suddenly became a “prophet” that millions look up to.

        Hell, I can also become a prophet one day. Maybe I’ll just have to marry 72 wives, rape young/underaged girls, disdain the feminine pride, kill in the name of a virgin vagina waiting for me. Maybe, some how I’ll get some followers and in the next 20 years, a sect is formed and after about 50 years, a religion is grounded!

        Smh… Life is cruel! But people like Muhammad through most muslims make it even worse!

        • @ chris you are sick i can see it now you need deliverance i pity for you and your you generation but may God Almighty deliver you.

  • u dnt seems to understnd d concept of the dscusson dts y let loose ur p1g mouth. Len to understnd story b4 u put ur dety mouth @ chrys

  • I think if issue of this nature is brought up, whether is national or not it should be discussed by well-meaning nigerians not a glorified criminal like Asari. I don’t blame you but the visionless political class who found you an office in Abuja instead of life-room in maximum prison yard. Asari, if you like marry your wife from her mother’s womb, what we stand for is that nigeria is not an islamic state. Asari, you are a disgrace to that religion your are claiming. You have contributed to the economy woe of this country and now you are fueling political upheaval by sponsoring evil bill. It’s time for God will avenge those blood of innocent people in your hand. OLD FOOL.

  • Underage marriage is not good, come 2 look it in dis direction a girl of 13 year got married, n give birth at 14 year. Believe me b4 age 50 she wil have what is call (V V F) which she can not control her urine again. Is that not a big punishment 2 her life??? Pls talk about better things n leave underage marriage matter at side ok. Fellow nigerians.

  • may God punish sani, nafiu,sulaimon and muslims tha follows dis unholy law. ur leader was also stupid in his lifetime by raping unde aged girls like aisha. It is high time for u pple to understand dat ur so called leader mohammed is rotting in hell now. Ask dokubo if he can leave his daughter to marry an alhaji at age 13? Dis act is barbaric and disgusting.

  • Another law for the poor masses huh? I sometimes imaging how this prophet mohd felt on top of the 6yrs old little girl aisha, have u ever imaging that? Perhaps someone as fat as asari on a six years old baby maybe ur sister or daughter? Now put urself in her shoes and just one thing, the pain. I’ll only beg for one thing, plzzz have mercy on this children they are humans and not animals. God bless Nigerian.

  • All Nigerians are bunch of educated illiterate, we needed freedom from slavery, and yet we subjecting our self to slavery, we needed civilisation, yet we’re subjecting our self to dark age, Nigeria is not an islam nation , we are both Christianity and islam, therefore one religion doesn’t have the right to enforce any law on all nigerian, and beside, if dis is necessary why should someone be jail if he sexually abuse an under age girl? Of what use is d campaign against child right abuse? If all the women in the senate were giving out for a man to abuse in th name of marriage there wouldn’t have been educated to that standard of becoming a senator, pls let us all wake up, is a new day, a new era, WAKE-UP NAIJA.

  • Asari is right. Due to wat civilisatn had cause diz society wen 5year old girl losng her viginity and some nudity act. Infact, let support under marriage

  • I think we should all know that Iaw represents the agreement of a nation 2 punish and 2 spare.Dokubo,Yerima n their co-advocators are useless Nigerians,evry little thing,U will b sayin ‘according 2 Islam’ is Islam more than our nation?No!But you people will always be at the centre of evry trouble caused our nation and even the world @large..Educated muslims ar gud ppl who undastand the fact that luring little poor,pitied girls into marriage is nt gud 4 d salinity and health of the child-girl..this is barbaric..If nt because our country is fragile,Asari Dokubu should b in prison 4 d lives he had claimed while been a militant;usin innocent youths to enrich his own pocket


  • it’s so phunking funny how these Muslims do some atrocious shits and try to justify it with religion!!

    – Clear immoral act, which is underage marriage… excuse, its allowed in our religion

    – terrorism and mass killing, excuse, 40 virgins from mohammed

    – hideous crimes against humanity, latest being the beheading of the UK soldeir, excuse… religion, jihad, bla bla

    all over the world, y’all ARE BUGGING THE ENTIRE FUCKING HUMAN RACE!!… go to Jupiter with these ridiculous acts in the name of ‘islam’ and sit there… free us jor!!!

    **and this is not a hate statement, i’m just super pissed off with these fools stressing everyone out all over the world in the name of religion** now its to ‘decorate’ child rape now and give the ‘islam’ excuse…

    why don’t other religions do such evil, means things… kmft…. depressing..

  • Jesus is the way,the truth,and life and no 1 goes to the father except through him. Accept Him and He will lead to know the truth,God bless u in Jesus name.

  • I don’t know why christians are so worried about muslims marrying or giving out thier young girls for marriage, when they have never for once worried about young gils in our society particularly, underage girls who are involving in premarital sex, fornication and all other sort of immoral acts which is against the injunctions of both Bible and Quran. Pls, Nigeria chriastians and thier leaders should know that Legal marriage is far better for the girls than fornication and premarital sex which is causing them to lost their virginity and bringing them unwanted pregnancy. Thanks.

    • shut the fuck up you paedo!! people like you and the reasons why the whole of africa is fucked…

      problem… house is on fire,… solution, lets burn the entire village… is that the solution for young girls having sex?? so some few kids are having sex early, lets start forcing them into early marriage??

      do you even considered the complication?,, if you mother had your ass at age 10, so when you’re 10, you mother will be 20??? are even thinking of the future generation and how messed up all that will be?

      men are such pigs… it all comes down to ‘what their dick wants’… you sound so stupid, i’m wondering if you weren’t birth by a goat…. how can any support such stupendous concept??? imagine the future of nigerian if we were all the same age generation as our mothers… kmft… get the hell out of here…

  • with the way things are in Nigeria, i hope we have a nation to build because this is all nonsense! Child abuse? who these called senators? are they normal? i doubt it

  • Would you all want us to fight over the foolishness of our so-called leaders?…. If the fight starts for real, they will not be affected. Its you and i that will carry the burden…..so whatz the point?. They are idiots anyway..Guys, lets prray for good leadership to come to this nation becos the one we have now, is just a charade.

  • who s even dis Dokubo he always talk with authority he dnt hv. no body s asking nt 2 marry ur grandchild or child . marry anybody n keep spreading ur pestilence through ur suppose to be child or grandchild but my concern is it must not be made a part of Nigeria constitution. cos ist an evil inhumanity to man. ist indeed ungodly frm ungodly men. God’s wrath will nt spare dam if d dnt refrain n ask 4 4giveness f4m God. Ruuuuuuuuuuuubish

  • Sometimes I wonder why I exist in this part of the world, where, foolish talks, barbaric laws and selfish interest are being considered all in the name of Religion in the assemble and some wicked soul are here and there supporting this demonic and barbaric Law. Anyone one who support this law will fall a victim of child rape on there daughters.

  • Sometimes I wonder why I exist in this part of the world, where, foolish talks, barbaric laws and selfish interest are being considered all in the name of Religion in the assemble and some wicked soul are here and there supporting this demonic and barbaric Law. Anyone one who support this law will fall a victim of child rape on there daughters.

  • Those who say child bride would prevent unfaithfulness in marriage, who told you that married women don’t mess around? Its everywhere no matter the kind of law or punishment in place., they (promiscuous wives) always beat the measures. So, that’s a baseless argument.

    Secondly, it doesn’t represent a good image of us as a people, educated one for that matter, when we insult one another, let’s learn to use a more patronising terms when we present our sentiments. We are one people with just different views.

    Back on the matter wey dey cause gbege, truth be said, that bill is anti-progress, barbaric, retrogressive, primitive, brutal, wicked, evil, devilish, hellish, destructive, discriminatory, anti-feminine, deadly, demoralizing, just name…

    And if it’s passed, only northern poor masses would suffer. The northern rich and 99% southerners wouldn’t practise.it. Infact, they may be ironically oblivious to it. But we must bear in mind that “injustice within a small group whatsoever is a threat to global peace and security”. Let’s make decisions that we can forever live with for posterity will probe us.

  • @rafiu. Wat happnd in dat numbers happnd in d old testamnt of d bible. Wen jesus christ came as d second adam and died on d cross 4 us, all our sins ave being washd away and we stil ave dat second chance and nt like sharia laws. Dnt quote a chapter 4 us but read d full bible to gain d indepth analysis about it. Tnx

  • I just want to ask that man; if it is your sensibility to kill and be a sucide bomber or a terrorist or a rapist, should the law respect that? This is not the issue of sensibilities but of right or wrong. If human sacrifice is your sensibility, must it be allowed? Know that there are muslims talking against child marriage. So do not hide your lust and evil under any religion. Hardness of heart rather than religion is the cause of this effrontery of speaking evil. Children are not fowl that can be given out anywhere as if they have no rights.

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