We’ll Take Ajimobi Out in 2015 – Ladoja

Senator Rashidi Ladoja, fomer governor of Oyo State and National Leader of Accord Party (AP), yesterday hinted that a powerful coalition he tagged, “third force” is set to take out Governor Abiola Ajimobi in the next election in the state.

rasheed-ladoja-360x225Governor Ajimobi had over the weekend boasted that the progressives would rule the “Pacesetter state” for the next 50 years and advised those he dubbed, “reactionary elements” to bury their ambitions.

But his cousin and Accord Party leader said a group of like- minded politicians, who he described as people-oriented, were in discussion on how to vote out the incumbent from office.

He spoke while featuring on Ibadan metropolitan private radio station, Splash FM programme, “Bull’s Eye” monitored in Ibadan. Although the politician was not categorical if he would contest the 2015 poll, he said he would not refuse if his party decided to field him.

“God has not yet given me the certificate that I will be alive by 2015, so, I can’t talk about contesting now. The party shall decide, who will contest in the next election, some months to the election. If the party decides I should contest, I will not refuse,” he said.

Ladoja denied any personal battle with Ajimobi, saying they only had differences on political issues and how the interest of the masses could be best served. According to him, the interest of the people, “should be uppermost and form the core of any government policy,” describing the newly built shops for traders whose stalls were demolished by the Ajimobi administration, as “medicine after death.” He said further on the programme: “We believe that governance must have human face, but they believe governance must be done with steel and iron hand and must be concrete.

We feel that we are right and he believes that he is right. That does not make us enemies. Are you saying that if you build bridges, it should not be used by the people or when you build and widen roads, people must die of hunger? “We said it is good to widen roads and build bridges, but not at the expense of the people. When Uncle Bola Ige did his own, they built Gbagi. You don’t take people for granted. The people must be granted their means of livelihood.

You have a right to define the situation. Don’t forget that this is not the only place where there is illegality. America is talking about legalizing illegal immigrants.

They are not saying illegal immigrants should be thrown into the sea. It is not now that it is happening, it happened during the military era. I met them there and I was already relocating them. We were opening new areas for them. The countries you want to copy are not doing that.

In America, London, the government takes care of them. They give them unemployment benefits so that they won’t go hungry. A good government must realize the fact that the people have right to livelihood. You can condone them until you build another place for them. Ajimobi’s shops are medicine after death months after destruction. I have told him that he has to look after the public that voted him into office.”

On the contentious Mokola Bridge, Ladoja challenged the government to tell the people of the state the true amount spent on the construction of the bridge wondering why more money should be paid for something of less width, length and quality to that constructed in Ogun State.

“He should tell them how much it cost and why the same contractor that built the Ogun State bridge collected more in Oyo for less job? Do you need to be an engineer to be able to say it is fragile? How many bridges that have barriers in Lagos? The only one that they have was built by the state government. I ask again, why have they not put any barrier on Jemibewon bridge? It shows that the Jemibewon regime had foresight and the bridge is still strong till date.

“The government should address issues and not digress. The information at my disposal is that the bridge cost N3billion while the Ogun State’s cost N1.5billion. Why should the one in Oyo be narrower? Let them come out and refute it. It is either a case of negligence or corruption”, Ladoja declared.


  1. Foolish Ladoja.You cannot fool the people all the time.
    During your tenure as Governor,you did nothing in the State and now you find it convenient to criticise a performer.The fact is that Ajimobi is working.You cannot fool the people with the cost of the construction work.Your Amala politics is outdated.

  2. I’m not into any politics but i must say the truth.Ajumobi is really doing well but wot baffles me is d issue of 3b for bridge,wot is it constructin?…pls tell us..As per dos criticizing,i beg shut up cos during ur regime,u didnt do half of wot he has done…

  3. Dnt mnd baba Ladoja,he is a big failure,evn Akala achieve mor dan im…baba oponu.u did nahfin wen u wir dia nd u r criticizn the achiever..it was ur govt dat started thuggery in oyo state..half of our money was givn to baba adedibu durrin ur tyme…ur tyme z ova in oyo state..accept ur defeat as mark of ur failure.u cn nva govern us hia in oyo state again..u r nw a history,u ave cme nd gone.Ajumobi z on board..D best gov so far..second term z sure 4 our governor…Ajumose gbogbo wa ni oo


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