Yahoo-Boy no Microphone: Fraudster Impersonating singer Wizkid and Banky W caught

Banky W (2)

The level of fraudulent activities in the country is increasing at a rapid rate and has also involved the rapid rising music industry in the country.

Banky W’s EME team have released a statement:

Nigerian pop star Wizkid has spoken out against his continuous impersonation by fraudsters. The hit maker, bugged by increasing complaints and reported incidents, says he’s worried and beyond scandalised, that some bandits would go to any length to perpetrate evil acts and defraud innocent fans and customers.

The EME act spoke today in Lagos, while reacting to on-going investigations on recent discoveries and arrests. 

“It’s unfair that fraudsters will take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The culprit has been apprehended and all is being done to make sure such incidents don’t reoccur.” Wizkid said.

A person posing as a rep for the giant music company – EME is presently in the police net after the last person he tried to scam got suspected his activities and quickly involved the police.
Muyiwa also known as ‘Origin’ had begun business dealings with the impostor only to do a little mental calculation and realize that he was been played, Muyiwa quickly planned with the police and got the 419 arrested.
The impostor was posing as Banky W who is currently CEO of the EME team; the real Banky came forward to say that the music label is putting all necessary arrangements in order and are working with top security officials to stop this rapidly growing trend of scam in the music industry.
People involved in the music scams have gone so far as to set up fake names, phone numbers and bank accounts. A few of these fake accounts include “Bankole Wellington Banky W” on Facebook,,,,
The only authorized contact for EME is
“Impersonating artists and record labels is apparently the new 419. This is not a unique problem to EME or it’s acts, but a serious challenge to most major labels/artists as well as the fans and event organizers. We’ve done the best we can to streamline our processes so that anyone, anywhere can contact us or at +234 818 000 0000 and know that they have right information.”  Banky says.
“It saddens us to know that crooks still try to take advantage of our fans and supporters but we are doing all we can to put the right info out and we hope that everyone takes note, so as not to fall into their traps.” He added.
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