You Can’t Be In PDP And Be Working For Another Party, Jonathan Tells Amaechi

Amaechi-GEJPresident Goodluck Jonathan has stated in very clear terms that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) would no longer tolerate any acts of indiscipline from its members.

The President made this known when the Rivers State chapter of the PDP, led by its Chairman, Mr. Felix Obuah, paid him a solidarity visit at the Presidential villa, a statement by his spokesperson, Reuben Abati, stated.

In a veiled reference to embattled Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, the President said no political office holder should use his position to work against the party that helped him to office.

While recalling that he always had an amicable and reliable working relationship with the people of Rivers State, Mr. Jonathan described them as “very reliable people” who do not speak from both sides of their mouths.

He also hailed the delegation that showed up for the meeting describing them as the ‘who is who’ in Rivers State.

“I have listened to the introductions and being a Rivers person, I know key political actors in Rivers State, the who’s who in Rivers State; and they are here. I want to thank you for building this political structure for the state, for the interest of Rivers State and to position Rivers State in the politics of the country,” the president said.

“To me, I have been working with people of Rivers State for quite some time before I got here. I have had a robust relationship with my brothers and sisters in Rivers State. They are very reliable people who I believe will not speak with both sides of their mouths.

“Rivers State is a key state to South-Easterners. It is a key state that needs very strong leadership, focused leadership, committed leadership and maximum political unity and stability. Otherwise anything could happen and affect the whole country,” he added.

Continuing, the President said, “for us to have a stable democracy we have to have a strong political party. And that is why we get worried when we notice some of the indiscipline in some of the political parties. And the new PDP that we are all working together for no longer tolerates this indiscipline.”

“All over the world parties are supposed to build on ideological differences. May be close, if you look at the classical case of SDP and NRC that were created by the military, their ideology was a little to the right and little to the left.

“That is the essence of politics. But in a situation where somebody is in a particular political party but his faith is in another political party…for those who are not holding political offices, yes you can be excused…but if you are holding an elective office you won’t be in that party and be working for another party. Otherwise, why are you there?” he added.


  1. If Amaechi no longer believes in the party on which platform he became governor, then he has the right to try other parties. Rather than be in the same party and causing unnecessary confusion. I think the decision of the party on which shoulders you’re resting should be supreme!