You Won’t Believe It: Nigerian Journalist Claimes He Was Horsewhipped by a Security Officer

A Nigerian journalist claims he was horsewhipped by a security officer who was manning the gate of the government house in the state of Benue in north central Nigeria.

HORSEWHIPChris Atsaka – chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) – said he was invited to the building on 3 July by the governor’s chief of staff to deliver a letter about a planned NUJ event.

While waiting in the press centre for someone to collect the letter, Atsaka said the guard called another officer and ordered him to deliver a beating.

He was then whipped by the officer and the guard joined in to hit him with a rifle butt.

He said he was rescued by two other officials, including the special adviser to the governor on media and public affairs.

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