5 Questions Every Stylish Man Should Be Able To Answer!!!

images (4)1. What’s The Proper Way To Apply Cologne?
Body heat is what activates a fragrance, so most experts agree that dabbing a drop on your pulse points — essentially, your wrists and neck — is the best way to wear cologne. What’s not recommended is showering in the stuff. If the smell of you arrives before you do, it’s time to scale back.

2. What’s The Best Way To Shave?
The ideal environment for putting sharp metal to your mug is during or after a shower. The warm water and steam help open up pores and soften the beard, which in turn allows the blade to gracefully glide rather than slash and burn. Pre-shave oil is a good idea if you have exceptionally sensitive skin, but it’s hardly necessary for everyone. Shaving gels and creams are preferred to the frothy foams of yesteryear since they don’t dry out your skin.

3. How Often Should You Exfoliate?
Sloughing your skin with a scrub is a ritual that should only take place a couple of times a week. Any more than that could leave your skin dry, red and prone to breakouts. Give your skin a rest by alternating with a deep pore cleanser. And, of course, never ever forget to finish off your facial routine with an SPF-enriched moisturizer. That’s really the most important thing you can do for your skin.

4. What Can You Wear With A Plaid Jacket?
Not all plaid jackets are created equal. Some are subtler and can be worn with practically anything. For bolder blazers, it’s important to make the rest of your ensemble a supporting cast. Trousers in gray or navy or even a pair of dark-washed jeans would make the perfect pairing with a solid button-down and knit tie.

5. Should Your Belt Match Your Shoes?
If your shoes are black or brown, then yes. Otherwise, an oddball brogue in navy blue must only be matched with an equally edgy belt — say, green croc, red suede or coffee-colored calfskin. When you’re writing the rules rather than following them, you only need to be mindful of coordinating not matching

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