Actor Solomon Akiyesi Wants To Marry A 4th Wife?

Solomon and Wife 2

I bet you all remember actor Akiyesi Solomon? The actor who tried to secretly marry another wife while his present wife got word of the marriage and crashed the event.

My sources have revealed that the same disgraced actor, Solomon Akiyesi who has already married two different ladies before a marriage drama in Lagos with his ‘authentic’ wife, is not ready to reconcile with his wife.

The word is that he said a lot back then about his wife’s “negative attitude” which he claimed drove him into the arms of another woman.

What is strange is that the actor is rumored to be planning another marriage with a 4th woman, 1 woman is enough trouble but Solomon ‘the wise’ wants 4!!

If this is true then all we can do is pray for him, the matter is beginning to look like a spiritual something, LOL!!!