Actress Ini Edo To Be Kicked Out

When Ini Edo’s husband traveled out months back and left her behind in Nigeria to “do her thing” many didn’t suspect anything was wrong as it is not unusual for a husband to leave his wife behind to attend to some business issues and return home.

But days turned into weeks, her husband didn’t return; weeks have turned into months now and it’s obvious Ini Edo can no longer hide her pains again….

According to a source, she has been complaining secretly to a few friends about her husband’s fight with her. She has done all she could to make him “forgive me even if I’m wrong” but it seems her efforts are not really working as she had expected. And it’s getting bad.

Another source gathered that the major issue is Ini Edo’s inability to get pregnant and give her husband a child after three years of marriage. It is said that the man was advised against marrying her due to her “past” but he ignored the warning all because he wanted to marry a celebrity.

Anyway, the home front is no longer at peace and the man is not even coming home to touch his wife so they could try for a pregnancy.

Some say he may be planning to send her out… But is that the best solution?



  1. is no news that celebrities can’t keep their marriage not even for few years. now the real cause of the problem is yet to be unveil.we are waiting for the truth.

  2. WIll continuous love and patience conquers all. Someone need to advice the man to come back home and handle his home as the man otherwise let him take her wife to stay there in abroad with him. I think the man should close this gap so people who are expecting more devastating news about your blessed home will be disappointed because it’s not right reading negative stories about anyone. God is the giver of children, haven’t you see a family of 4 that died on day? I have seen a family man and his wife alone living happily all their lives with just one adopted daughter and they make marriage to be a glamor and imitative to all that are close to them. God is praised in the marriage am telling you, maybe I can possibly connect you to this home, well blessed and wealthy yet satisfied with just a daughter adopted. Husband stop tearing yourself God will give what will exalt his name and not just giving is important but given you great children that will be great in the future.

    God has already blessed you by giving you that lady you only need to open your eyes in the spiritual reign and embrace your wife with genuine agape love, at least she will give you a daughter and sons looking the way she look that will reign more higher than her in the future, she already set a standard which the children will not work below but above her. I know you are so much blessed but Ini add more to you than you have presently understood, do not allow to be divided because if you push her away you have divided yourself knowingly or unknowingly.

    Still correct and forgive her if the issue is something different from the general sight “giving you a baby”.

    God bless you and make Ini happy.

  3. I pity men who still even go close to celebrities after knwing well that the inabilities of the so-called celebrities to keep their marriages are on the increase. Left to me alone, they’ll be starved of men since they wount learn their lessons

  4. You guys are nice and i believe you also love each other very well, go back to the root and get it right in your closest pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    It’s after you forgave a woman of her wrong doing that you can get the best of her love, forgiving your wife in an issue that is very complex will increase her faithfulness and love to the husband higher than buying her the whole could do.

    Don’t break your wife’s heart much more abandoning her, just caution and show her forgiveness, its is not cowardliness it is wisdom. Keep enduring and live in faith you will see God manifest himself wondrously to you.

  5. i dont believe 3 yrs cud make man dat polished to abandon his wife. she shd desist 4m wat. she is doing with her PA/mgr, dat cud b d cause of d whole tin. its possible he has set a trap n she fell 4 it.

  6. Has the man gone for proper fertility test. Why must the women always be blame for lack of children in the home. It might even be that the man is partly at fault for their childlessness. But three years is way too small to have press the panic button. People do stay 10years before God eventually answer their prayer. And finally I will advice all celebrity to always seek God’s face before choosing a life partner. Any one that finds a good wife or husband will surely receive God’s favour. And that marriage will surely last.

  7. To choose between right or wrong is simple but what defines ones life is the greater between 2 goods and the lesser between 2 evils..Ini Edo,I want you to know that if he Realy loves you then he would surely come back for you no matter what,and as for the pregnancy,God’s time is the best.lots of love.


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