Adamawa Discovers Wild Strain Of TB Virus In Koma Hills

Murtala NyakoA mysterious disease attacking human spinal cord and subsequently paralysing some parts of the body suspected to be caused by a wild tuberculosis virus has been detected in Koma hills in Adamawa.

Koma is in Jada Local Government Area of Adamawa.

The Project Manager, Tuberculosis (TB) Control in Adamawa, Dr. Stephen John, said the development was a potential threat to the Koma hills community and the entire people of the state.

John was speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) shortly after examining one of the affected patients at Nasarawo Koma village’s clinic on Thursday.

Koma hills are located on the mountainous fringes bordering the Republic of Cameroon and Nigeria in Jada Local Government Area of the state.

The late Col. Yohanna Madaki , former Military Governor of the then Gongola State, visited the mountains in 1989, and made the inhabitants to be well-known to the world.

“The discovery of the Spinal Code TB case indicated that the disease has been in existence and deeply for quite a long time within the Koma communities.

“The situation is a great challenge and potential threat to the entire Koma inhabitants and the people of the state,” John said.

According to the project manager, the spinal cord TB infection is a serious disease that kills human being within a short time.

He explained that the disease, if not detected early, caused paralyses of the body completely, and subsequently killed.

He said that was the first time the spinal cord TB infection was being detected in the state. (NAN)


  1. u said earlier that, the disease has been existing long time ago. this is a shameful to the economy, a disease that u supposed 2 hav discover. u gvmnt hav wasted many innocent peoples life. this is bcos we are producung fault leaders.


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