Advice: I’m In Love With My Brother, What Should I Do?

Me and my younger brother have always been close, he’s 18, I’m 20 and recently we’ve seen our relationship blossom.

I wish I were trolling, that what I’m about to tell you is a lie – but it’s not, please don’t judge me.

It’s been this way for a month now, we’d always been typically close siblings but ever since he broke up with his girlfriend, I would comfort him and say “it’s alright, you’ll find someone perfect someday.”

Last week we were in his room and I said those exact words, we looked into one anothers eyes and kissed.

It felt weird, he came onto me but I reciprocated and before long we were french kissing on his bed, he was touching my knee.

Then, of course, our parents returned and I felt wrong. Kind of gross, even.

I went back to my room and cried. The next day we were home alone and he kissed me again, things got out of hand and we were doing things to each other, then we made passionate love and reclined into one anothers arms.

It’s been almost three days since we made love, we’ve been kissing and doing other things whenever we can and I can honestly say that we are in love.

We’ve been planning our future together, and I’m beginning to think I made a HUGE mistake – I love him, but I’m not sure if it’s like that.

What should I do? I don’t condone what I did at all, please don’t mock me, he came on to me and I was silly enough to get blown away by it all.


  1. My dear u beter forget that dirty feeling u think u have for ur brother, bcos is an abomination not only in d eyes of men, but God, pls. Stop stop stop, b4 u face d wrot of God

  2. Dis already a case of addiction and wen one is addicted 2 some fin,it takes Gods grace 2 be free.u av 2 try as much as possible 2 flee 4rm such inordinate affection(thru prayers and self decision).4 me dat dude is still a kid nd u kinda older.u got a lot of work 2 do and u had better do it fast b4 devil go bless una union wif baby.nofin person no go hear 4 dis world!gud luck babe.if u still need some kinda advice,here is ma pin:31218fec.

  3. Baby girl both of u cnt get married bcos u were born of d same parent,wht kind bad feelings is dat.Anyway if i wia u i would have leave dat house 2 unknown destination sit up girl

  4. Don’t call it love it is a demonic plot right from the pit of hell to terminate your destiny and that of your brother, your parents will be terrified by and God most certainly abhors such acts. Pls don’t give the devil the victory over ur life and that of your brother. If you have a pastor that u trust, respect and u believe in, this is the time to open up to him.

    • @glorycorner. Why did you distinguish the type of pastor she should see? Is it to avoid the pastor taking advantage of her? Just let her vacate the house quickly for a long time. The took advantage of the opportunity but once they get apart the bond might break ie over a period. Moreover she needs an alternative, infact both of them should seek alternatives.

  5. My dear,this is a serious problem bt dia is a way out. First,make up ur mind u want to com out of it,acknowledge it as a sin n plead wit God 4 4givness,its bad realy but its 4givable also cos wia sin abound,grace abound much more.Dont allow d devil to tel u anything contrary o cos he is a liar.I lov u n i share in ur pains n am sure God cares more abt u.

  6. Hello miss. you are trying to practise real sodom and gomorrah here in Nigeria, and i want to tell to as a reminder that the way God rained fire on that land that is how you should be expecting your own share of the fire. pls stop that nonsense lust you think you are feeling for him. Its too bad…..

  7. Ma sista,Godbles u 4 seekin unto 4 an advice cos u can neva handle it on ur own,,.My advice is try 2 tell ur parent d truth cos dey might knw d cause,,.Beliv me diz is a foundational problem nd u wit ur broda nid 2 b booked 4 delivarance 4 both of u 2b free totally,,.God is able 2 help u DEAREST

  8. Wat u felt 4 ur broda is natural cos is ordinary 2ru luv 4 ur broda. But let me tel u dat it cant work out like dat 2 fell in luv wit u broda. U just havin fun and taking advantage wit each other mistakinly and wrongly,maybe his very attractive guy dats y u were carried away wit him. U can show lov 2 each other by playin lik a 2ru siblings. If u continue lik dat dats is a cause from GOD And to ur family cos u know its nt rite. Just try to erase dat crazy feeling wit each other. Tell ur broda to stop tinkin abt d feelings 4 each other

  9. My Dear, U are a human bein and erring is inevitable. That you talked abour it is a sure evidence you can stop it. Replace the addiction with another habit. Seek God with all your heart and search Him in the bible regularly. Most of all be sure you are a born again, take a holiday and discuss wit your brother how depirate U are to end this. Learn to love him as your brother. Find time to be friendly (mutual) with responsible men. Talk to your pastor or spiritual father/mother. How God will end it will be His problem not yours to worry. Jesus Loves U don’t let the devil wast your life

  10. It happens many times 2 different person, even it want to happen me sumtime but let me tel u it lead to destructn of family and individual at d end. Lik ur case ur broda wil hav no respect 4 u again. Try pray 2 GOD 4 help and ignore devil cos it d one dat provide the feelings 2 ur hearts nt GOD. If u lik satan work just take ur time f**kin each other. But if u Luv GOD works let it go. Talk to each other and 4 once laugh out abt ur stupid crazy feelin wit each other and let it go, turn d luv 2 other side dat is Good 4 each other nt dat secret impossibility. AND GOD WILL 4GIVE U. I rest my case

    • My dear sis,dis is an issue of lif nd def,cos dis kn lead 2 def.Nd I wnt u 2 undastand dat heaven & hel fire is real.So my sis hury up nw nd do somtin 4 u nd ur lvly broda 2 abstain 4rm d wraf of God nd entana distruction,do somtin nw 4 God 2 4giv u b4 it wl b too late.

  11. It is a good thing for you to seek advice but it is also of paramount important to heed good advise.
    What you two have engaged in is an abomination in the eyes of your creator and it has to stop immediately. (Leviticus 18:9)
    Naturally, it May looks impossible but by self determinations coupled with God’s grace, it is very possible for you….
    Try to vacate that house for a while and while you are gone endeavour to confide in a genuine man of God for total deliverance for he will know the right thing to do so as to help you.
    Your strength is so mild in this matter, you required supernatural help and strength from above. May God rescue you on time.

  12. My advice for the lady: as long as u could come on air to seek for an advice it mean god is giving u d grace to make correction and over d devil. so, don’t hesitate to confess this to ur pastor or imam if u are afraid to tell ur parent. make haste to do this

  13. Girl I do nt blame u. You ar human. Bt pls note that 12 years of courtshp is not equal to one year of marriage. Every marriage has a trying time and it is at this point that stock is taken and value redefined. At this point,if you made any mistake at the foundation level,you will hate yourself and your brother. Don’t make the mistake of going through with your plan. God bless you.

  14. My sister, that is not love, but a lost of flesh, if you realy want to get out of it, sit down ur parent and tell them what is going on. Then stay away from brother and avoid every unecesary words or questions.

  15. Y can nigerians be nice with der comments,she already feels bad abt wat she did,we shd nt add more pepper n salt,let’s b nice n say encouraging words

  16. My dear, kissing, sex isn’t love wat u two re doin is infatuation n is demonic, for God sake there re guys outside why ur brother? Pls stop it, is against God n Man. Read all of leviticus n see wat God about it

  17. My. Dear. Dis isn’t. Love it was coz u attachd much. Importance. 2 ur Bros. Daz y it got 2 diz. Stop it plz n seek 4. 4giveness n also vacate. D buildin 4 some tym. D lord will see u 2ru

  18. My dear u’ve heard it all. U nid 2 acknwldge it as a sin den repent afta whc u cmpltely resist such demonic act. D trut iz deliverance doesnt jst cm frm prayers alone bt it has 2 do wt ur total bliv in God nd let ur will b lost in d divines of his almighty.

  19. Hellow, infact dis s dubios act and abominable horror, u girl go right nown n look for a boyfriend and ur brother look for his own girl fred. And also confess ur sin 2 God. One more tins DNT TELL ANY BODY PLS, jst Fine ur boyfred n ur broda fine his own girlfred n two of u pray 2gether of forgiveness.

  20. babe i can help you out is very easy just call me on 08064969227 or u can reach me on facebook :- baron ug. i’m waiting for your call feel free before is too later

  21. pls. my dear sister, it is d wrk of d devil to trap u nd ur broda. evn if u cnt tell ur dad,pls I beg u try nd tell ur mum nd also go 4 deliverance, cus it is an abominable act. susan

  22. Bla bla bla. The deed is done already. In time of ignorance God overlooks. Am vary happy to knw that ur real self is not comfortable with the situation, i must tell u that Jesus loves u, what u need now is solutions here are two FORMULAs if u care 4 any. FORMULA 1: set him up wt any female friend of urs pretend to court them and tell him it’s over. After that make sure u neva give him chance 4 any private talk, threaten to make it know to your parents if he disturbs u. FORMULA 2: I knw it’s not ur habit but plzzz make urself attractive to three or four boy of ur age by greeting them more often and with respect by so doing u’ll get them to fall i love with u and those feelings u think u have 4 ur brother will be gone 4ever. And as 4 those guys make them believe u played them. Plzzz seek Jesus. I can’t advise u to see any pastor bcos this is end time and some of them are worse than the devil. I wish u success.

  23. hmmmm i cant belive my ears but i have to,its not the first and shall not be the last.dont kill yourself ooo you only need to repent tell your brother the truth and end the abominable act.pls my dear sis do pray for God protection.

  24. lady pls repent and “i do not condemn you go and sin no more”. pls do so quick cos you and i dont know when the end shall come lest you go to Hell.God loves and cares.

  25. My dear sis al u nid is total submitn 2 God, tank God u too knew it nt 2 b heard of bt at d same tym tel ur mum so dat bot of u can see a man of God 4 total deliverance cos dats d devil plan 2 abort u nd ur broda’s destiny, I share in ur pain, d Lord ll see u tru.

  26. You know what its a disgrace to a family what if your parents find out plse hold it there dont continue because in life when u r about to get married u first ask for the clan n here u r in the same, same parents, same tribe how do u think its right plse check for other man

  27. Through all the above comments you can tell that its an error to call it love, Its lust and its sinful.
    Imagine if your parents are siblings
    1. You will be an abomination to your people,
    2. They will hate you
    3. You will hate them also
    4. No matter how much you try, you cannot change the fact that something is wrong with you.
    Do you want to give birth to a child with this kind of troubled life? It will happen if you don’t stop
    Please get help, let your parents know, if they were negligent, they will situp and find a way to help you. your and you need to be separate to have room to think clearly. Seek God’s help. May God Deliver you in JESUS Name

  28. dear dat’s devil wokin. U av 2stay as far away 4rm hm as posible b4 it gets out of hand, atleast u ar stil concious of d wrngs. Nd pray abt it also thier is ntin God can nt do.

  29. Dear sister thanks for sharing this. I like you to know that you are not in love you both just lost control of your passion at the point your brother emotinally missed his girlfriend. At that point in his emotions, he did not see you as a sister but as a lady and a replacement with whom he can express his passion at that moment and because both of you are immature and does not have control over your emotions, you fell. In a real love you think very well and then deliberately commit yourself. In this case it is the excitement of the act that is making it difficult to resist or refrain from it contineuity. However you must stop it with immediate effect. How: 1.repent from this sin because it a sin and the worst of all immoral sins. 2 you must expose it by telling your parents. This is called incest and the negative and spiritual effect i can not begin to narrate here. It could be satanic trap against your family and especially you as a lady. Because your brother will suffer it spiritually and physically but yours is going to be an enigma spiritually, physically and on your marriage please dont put that innocent guy that will you marry into trouble. 3 tell your pastor. He will councel you more and then pray with you. 4 seek the face of God. 5 with the knowledge of your parents you may relocate or they relocate your brother from the house because of the temptation of seeing each other and being alone together. Conclusively if you dont deliberately repent and determine to desist from it though you are regreting and feeling guilty, all we have said may be of no effect.

  30. My dear, try to desist from the act at least for a day. If u can do it then muster up the courage and make it two. I know it’s not easy but with prayer u can overcome the temptation. Try reading Psalm31 for 9days and try not to commit the atrocity for that 9days and c wot marvels God will do for u.


  32. Girlie,wat u feel 4 ur broda is jux d siblinz luv,bt u allwd it gt ovr ur head nd nw ur tinkin u luv him,nope,d only fin i cn say,is dat u cmmit it in2 Godz handz,giv him space,whnevr u guys ar alne,jux liv d house,cuz whnevr ur wiv him, u or him wil always wnt 2 do sumfin stupid.okay.

  33. dis isn’t love but the plan of the devil which is Lost for ur life and ur brother. My advise for u is to share this with ur parents, it sound rediculous but bliv me they knw the next step.

  34. @baron,u r as guilty as d gurl.y r givin her ur num?adviser?what do u want to tell her secretly u cannot tell her publicly as others had done.u bigot wif evil intention
    Jst keep ur num to ur sef.u gurl accept christ as ur lord and personal saviour.

  35. Thks 4 d determintion to share dis,may God also grat u dat same determintion to come out of it.u ve recevd enuff advise alrdy.Run out…..Sh*te hppens bt nt dis kin of sh*t..May God Is U Tru

  36. My dear sister,is good dat u cry out for help nw. I won’t advice u to d aous bcos ur brother may still locate u. And don’t keep it to ur self n think u can handle it urself bcos if u refuse to go to him,he wil come to you n u won’t be able to resist him. I will rather advice you to confess it to ur parent so dat dey can know how to help you to solve ur problem. Don’t stop dia, go further by confess to the almighty God and he will forgive you bcos the bible say the unknow days, God av over look. Confess to Him he will surely forgive you. The bIble also say if you confess ur sin, He His faithful and just to forgive you. Just confess ur sin he will forgive you. I pray God we deliver you in Jesus name

  37. This problem needs self determination and prayer. You need to call ur brother and tell him that both of u have sinned against God and must ask for forgiveness. Stop that feeling u are having about him immediately, it will destroy ur future if u continue. It is not the issue of keeping away from ur brother. Be strong and decide within u that you want to stop it. Try to be in control of ur feelings. For the fact that you now know that is a sin against God is enough to call it a quit.

  38. If your story is true,then I strongly recommend that two of you should see a psychiatrist for this act of madness. If u get pregnant for him can u boldly tell your parents that your younger brother is the father of your unborn child?

  39. My dear, i wunt tel u 2 leave ur house no, jez b careful d way u stay wid ur brother….it is sinful 2 do such a tin wit ur brother….next tym he comes around mek him feel uncomfortable, mek him understand dat wat u guys did in d past is nt fair…..mek sure u dont mek a repite of it again

  40. You are very stupid with this act between you and your useless brother. tell devil that you are not his instrument. find your lover elsewhere and live your life

  41. Dear,its a big problem but dont worry,just tell all the matter to ur parents.they will try to find the strong and stay away from u brother

  42. Pls my dear at times lust feel like love,it is because he lost his girlfriend that he feel rejected and came to u and u responded because u thoughþ it was love. But my dear iþ is not love it is a sin to man and especialy God pls stop it now bf it is too late or go far away from him.

  43. first of all: all these comments about god and hell and right and wrong are not helping the situation at all. neither does heaping blame onto her head. what for? she feels bad enough as it is. way to go to better the situation. you just like to sit back and and watch and act all holier-than-thou. that’s it, no effort put in whatsoever. what a great deed you did today. if you commentors ever heard of compassion, it clearly seemed you a foreign concept you never cared to look up.

    secondly: okay, clearly this entry is a while old buuuuuut you never know.

    you were both in a state of emotional vulnerability. you both sought closeness. and yes, the familiarity and shared history and trust certainly played a role in it. do not doubt your love for your brother or his for you, just… try to re-evaluate what truly transpired. was it lust or more than that?
    i wouldn’t so much say that you were just there at the right time to provide a warm, comforting body but with a teenage boy’s urges you never know, they can get the better of them.

    try to talk it out with him in a sensible manner, and then put distance between you and your brother to flush out the hormones. the thrill of incest isn’t really worth the tears and stigma later on in life when you are both found out (and stuff like that always comes to light). perhaps also visit a psychiatrist, someone you can trust. this applies to both of you and your brother.

    good luck.


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