[Advice Needed] He Has 3 Wives Already, And He Still Wants Me! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I am from a poor family and I am the first child. I have just graduated from the polytechnic and I am looking for a job. Last weekend, I got a call from my dad to come to my hometown. Well, I found out that a man has already paid my bride-price. This is a man that is old enough to be my father. He has 3 wives already. I can never marry him, but I do not want to disobey my parents as they struggled to see me through school. What steps should I take to avoid this man?


Dear O. S.
I would not advise you to marry a man who already has 3 wives….it is dangerous! I think you should let your parents know that you are not interested in this man. This is not the kind of matter to keep quiet about and telling your parents about it is not an act of disobedience. You should let your know about your decision, your opinion counts! I also think you should get a job, try as much as possible to find something doing! Start from little! You can start with a particular trade until you get that dream job. But remember, the decision you make now is very important, choose right, you deserve the best!
All the best,

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  1. Hi OS you better let ur parent ur decision then secondl where u are going is very dangerous for u (ile olorogun lewu pupo) don’t put ur life in danger.

  2. Dear O.S, don’t make the same mistake that others made by getting married to other women. Maybe he has a plan-b. Consider your position as the first child in the family, what example are you gonna leave for your younger ones?

  3. This is not an issue that you should seek advice on, you better tell your father right away you are not interested. Biblically, you are not suppose to marry a man who has already married, the brideprice is refundable, iam seeing it as an insult upon you


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