[Advice Needed] He Is Not Saying Anything, Is This Man Really Interested In Me?

Dear Tee,
I have been in different relationships which I have called quit because of one reasons or the other. I’m 28yrs old now and there is this man who has been relating with me very well, he comes to my house to visit my parents, he calls me frequently and also ask intimate questions from me, all in a bid to know me better. We have been friends for one month now, but he hasn’t asked me out and time is not really on my side. Sincerely, I love him but the delay is getting out of hands. Should I go out with another man that comes my way?

Dear Y,
One month is not a long time, so you should not expect him to ask you out very quickly. Some people love to take their time to really understand what they are going into….. so, don’t blame him, you just need to be patient. On the other hand, I think you should not expect anything from him, expectation hurts, he might end up not asking you out!!! Who knows his intention? He might just want to be a good friend that cares and all that…..
If however, you are patient for a number of months and he still says nothing, don’t hesitate to change your focus and directions… but in all, choose only the best, don’t settle for less… patience is the key.
All the best,

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