[Advice Needed] How Do I Break Up With One Of My Girlfriends?

images (2)Hello Tee,
I am a 30 years old young man who is trying to make life better for myself. I am dating two ladies now. One is in school while the other one is working. This is something I never wanted to get myself into! I also notice that I fall in love so easily. I don’t understand myself. Now I want to do away with one because I hate double-dating! How can I do this please? Thanks

Dear A ,
It’s actually a good thing that you know your weakness – you get attracted to females easily! I think you should have a deep thought on this. Who do you really love out of the two of them? Which do you think has the same focus as you? Think about this, pick who you think your heart truly cares about and let the other person go. It’s not a good thing to make people waste their time with you when you know you don’t really have anything to do with them.
All the best,


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