[Advice Needed] I Am In Love With A Married Man! Please Help!

images (23)Dear Tee,

I am 26 years old and I am in love with a married man. It is not that I wanted to date him, but somehow I found myself with him. He said I am better in bed than his wife and he keeps coming for more sex. I don’t like any good thing as well, but I am not sure he wants me as a wife. What should I do?


Dear P,
Sincerely, that man is only using you for his pleasures. If his wife is not good in bed, nothing stops him from teaching her to be better. It is a pity you are in this mess, but nevertheless, it is not late to get up from the mud. You need to make up your mind to stop giving yourself to him, forget the material things he offers you. Think about your own dignity as a lady. Why should you be a second best and an option…..why are you even thinking of settling down as a second wife? You deserve better only if you realise that. Moreso, you are not getting younger….the more you keep that married man, the more you chase away suitors. If you are not determined to stop him from using you, he is going to continue that, because he is enjoying what he is doing to you. You deserve better, let him go!
All the best,

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