[Advice Needed] I Can’t Get My Ex Off My Mind!!!! What Do I Do?

boredDear Tee,
I have an ex I still keep in touch with, although I am in a new relationship. I can’t get him off my mind and I see my ex in my fiancé anytime I am with him. Please, how do I get him off my mind?

Dear TU,
I think you should decide who you really want to stay with. Your ex or your fiancé? If you don’t want to be with your ex, kindly shut your mind off him. Everything humans do; our actions are results of what we think, what we have in our minds. Also, stop communicating with your ex, let him know you have a new relationship you cherish. Take away pictures, gifts or stuffs that remind you of him…. But first, you should be determined to take your mind off him.
All the best,

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