[Advice Needed] I Caught My Best Friend With My Girl, What Should I Do?

ttDear Tee,

I caught my girlfriend, right in the very act with my own best friend. I trusted her with him, but she betrayed my trust. Fine, I am a still hustling and I don’t give her money!! She said that she slept with my friend for money as he is very rich. I hate her so much now, but she is pleading. If I accept her apology, I would only be sleeping the hell out of her, I can’t marry her. What should I do?

Dear Hollu,
I am sorry about what happened to you. But then, its not a good idea to play around someone, its not the best to start having sex with her for fun; as a means of revenge. Forgive her and let her go(since you feel you can’t marry her), tell her your honest decision. Forgive your friend as well, but then be careful with him.
All the best,

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