[Advice Needed] I Feel Uncomfortable Around My Boss, What Should I Do?

images (24)Hi Tee,

I am a female and I work in a private organization. My boss is a single vibrant young man and the trouble here is that I don’t feel comfortable around him and I am always shy when he is around me. What could be the problem? Does it mean that I am falling in love with him? What do I do?


Dear P,

It is possible that you are attracted to him, but then you don’t have to feel uncomfortable around him. It would do you a great help if you do away with his thought, stop thinking about him. Some men can be funny; don’t get unnecessarily carried away…. What if he does not give a hoot about you? I think you should just concentrate with your work and not cause unnecessary headache for yourself…it is not every single man that is available for a relationship, save yourself the stress dear.
All the best,

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  • if you are truely in love with him, wait and see if he wanted to date you before you show him you feelings, i know love is great and powerful

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