[Advice Needed] Is She Cheating On Me??? I Am Confused!!!

imagesconfusdDear Tee,

I am in love with this girl and I have the very intention to marry her too. I try my very best to do as much as I can to make her comfortable. But we are apart and I’ve never been involved in a distance relationship before! My doubt is that she does not love me because I noticed she never spare some seconds of her time to text me, even when I pump texts like water to her. I asked her and she told me she is not used to texting stuff! I don’t believe her because it is quite strange! I guess she is playing me and pretending! I guess she is giving most of her time to another guy elsewhere! Please help!!!


Dear D,
If she does not like texting, then she should communicate via other means. Does she call you or chat with you on social media? If no, then something is wrong somewhere. If you truly love someone, you would give them some time even from your busy schedule. I think you should confront her, tell her how you feel about the idea of her non-communication system….lol. Yes, in all sincerity, ask her if anything is wrong, ask her if she truly want the relationship or just the comforts that you provide her with. Tell her you need her to change her behavior for good, then wait and see what happens. If she does not change, you have the choice to walk away or stick with her.
All the best,


  1. Pay her a surprise Visit by Friday and stay up till Sunday, if there is anything, she will not be able to hide it. Good luck.

  2. I have a girl which i was dateing pass 3month now, she love me and i love her too but suddily a friend of my just came and took away my girl……….. Pls what can i do


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