[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend Is So Selfish! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
Yea, he claims to love me. And I believe I love him. He is comfortable, but he never buys me anything. Sincerely, it is not I am demanding, but I still believe that he should be responsible for somethings in my life. The only time he took me out was when he got a new job. I don’t think I can cope with such character in marriage. What should I do?

Dear Temmy,
I think you should discuss about it with him. As I always say, communication is one of the best tools to solve issues in a relationship. Let him understand that you! Some people don’t know how to give until you ask them, if you know he is capable of helping you out with some needs, ask him for it. I believe that a guy who loves you would always want to make you satisfied. If however, he does not change his selfish attitude, then the choice is yours to stay or leave. I am not saying a lady should be over-demanding or totally dependent on her spouse, but then he should be able to help his girl out, if he is capable of doing so.

All the best,

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  1. I am Babatunde by name,I have a girl friend whom I loved so much with all my heart.She’s not a caring type,she does things on her own without my conscent.All she does is to belittle me everytime.I’m pissed of and don’t even know what to do again.I’ve called her to order several times without number to checkmate her excesses but she wouldn’t change for better.Please,I want you all to advise me.Thanks.

  2. Kindly discuss d issue wif him but don’t abuse d opportunity when it comes.I have so many girls whom I quited because they abused it!So,he might be actin by the lesson he learnt as I will be acting also.


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