[Advice Needed] My Mom Wants Me To Marry Him, But I Do Not Love Him. What Should I Do?

images (16)Dear Tee
I have a boyfriend and I’m in love with him. Recently, I was introduced to a guy that just got back from overseas by my mum. My mum really likes him and she wants us to marry because she thinks he’s better than my boyfriend whom she has not met. I have made her know that I can’t marry him but if she won’t listen(I love her very much and don’t want to hurt her), I’ll play along and spend the guy’s money. But when I went for spiritual consultation, the one I was introduced to was chosen as my husband. What should I do?


Dear TM ,
This is a situation that requires wisdom and patience. First, you love your boyfriend, but you don’t love this other guy…..you are only interested in his money. This is not a good reason to get married to this guy that was introduced by your mom… money comes and goes and its not an assurance of your happiness if you get married to him. I am not encouraging you to hurt your mom, but then you would be the one to live with this guy, not your mom. So, I think you should take a look before a leap. Its not all about the present, you should watch out for your future as well. If you go ahead to marry a guy you do not love for your mom’s sake and it does not turn out well, you still end up hurting yourself, hurting and hating your mom. Now, let’s talk spiritual now, I think you should also pray to God yourself to get a confirmation to know if truly he is the one, you can also involve other spiritual leaders to pray along with you. We have heard of so many cases of “they said he is my husband”, but eventually, it didn’t work out… So dear, pray also and involve other religious leaders and you should also be wise in making your decision
All the best,


  • ur mum cant chose 4 u she may like rich man 2 marry u but money without love is nothing pls tink front nd back never hurt ur mum is sweetest person one can hav sit her cry nd talk 2 her she will undastad ur feel go on with d one u love money may run off 2morow den peace will equally run bieating nd others will germinatej follow d one u love even though dere is no money or food peace nd luv wil bring satisfaction

  • how could you go on, in life without learning to hear from God urself? no wonder they push you here and there. go back to God and withdraw urself from both of them and constantly seek his face he show himself and help you if you seek him sincerely.

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