[Advice Needed] My Wife Is A Bad Cook, Please Help!!!

images (8)Dear Tee,
My wife is a very bad cook! I thought my bachelor’s life was over when we got married until she proved to me that she cannot cook. Most times, I eat outside before coming back home because I can’t continue to force myself to swallow her bad food. I am a good cook, but I can’t be cooking meals for her. What should I do?


Dear SL,
I am sorry about that, but then I think you should start teaching her since you are a good cook. I am sure she would be willing to learn. Let her know that you don’t really enjoy her meals and you would like to teach her. You can also buy her books that contains instruction on how to prepare different meals. She would be glad to learn.
All the best,



  1. since u knows hw to cook, teach her she will learn. eaten outside or sending her back to her parents is not d best thing to do.

  2. I advice u 2send her to KATRING SCHOOL with imediate effect b4 u start hating her,dont just teach her coz u may not be chance and it will take u time ok.Give her options either she wil go 2katring school or u wil nt be eating her food.

  3. If truly love your wife,do not expose her weaknesses even to your parent,tell her the truth,the truth that you usually enjoy her food. Register he in a cathering school. I promise you after six month,you will have a best the most wonderful in the whole world.


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