[Advice Needed] She Has Cheated On Me Twice!!! What Should I Do?

images cheatingHello Tee,

I have a girl who I love and we have been dating for two years now. I can proudly say I have never cheated on her, but she cheated on me twice and apologised. I thought of ending the relationship but I could not because I love her. But now, each time we are together, she feels like I am a stranger and cannot really relate. She is still in contact with her ex. What do I do? Thanks

Dear S,
Once is a mistake, the second one is always intentional. Why should you be with someone who constantly cheats on you? Why should you still be with someone who cannot let go of her ex? I think you should talk to her about it and see what happens. If she does not change her attitude, then please let her go!!!! If you make up your mind to let him go, you can!!! Except you don’t give a hoot if she cheats on you or not, but personally I don’t encourage you to stick to a cheating partner who is not ready to change.
It’s all up to you, what do you want?


  1. Not everything n everyone in life r ment to be. Talk 2 her n see if anytin changes. If nt, she is nt ment to b, u wld b tkin in sm1 else’s wife. It all in u.

  2. in my world i don’t love girls like that cause they have done that to me even the one i trsuted that i gave her what ever she want she still cheat on me as if am nothing,even in my presence so my man sheer up and get focus but not on any of theme for now


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