The Holy month of Ramadan which Muslims revere so much is over; it is a month which offers them an opportunity to perform one of the obligatory pillars of Islam; fasting. Fasting which is the intentional abstinence from food, drink and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset in submission to the will of Allah. The derivative moral lesson for which Muslims are enjoined to fast in the Holy month is encapsulated in the act of giving; and the privileged in the society should be able to have a feeling of the plight the less-privileged are faced with. It is essential to note that Islam identify the plight of the majority without means of meeting with their daily feeding needs.

Through this spiritual test, people are under obligation of starving themselves even when they have the means to upset this feeling of hunger. This provide a practical experience of what it takes to be hungry under a month, not to talk of what people who are not under any obligation go through daily most of their lives. This exercise is a supreme acknowledgement of what hunger means, and being able solve it is left at the discretion of humans considering the enormity of resources the supreme God has endowed us with. In sharp contrast, humans fail to acknowledge, and even when we sparingly accept the devastating effect of hunger; our approach to finding a lasting solution has been lethargic.

This last Ramadan offers FOODCLIQUE SUPPORT INITIATIVE the opportunity of providing non-perishable Foods to fasting Muslims for their Sahur (Dawn Meal) and Iftar (Sunset meal). The number of meals provided was over 14,000 and am sure the charitable acts cut across different sphere of the society because of the loftiness associated with this noble move, as rewards are given in manifold for any good deed during this period. I am sure it is only Ramadan that has ended, but the need to be charitable and be concerned about the plight of hungry people in the society is still there, we must continue this act of kindness to rid our society of hunger and starvation which can threaten our prosperity. A society will be deprived of development if the available human resources are lacking in productivity due to hunger. The amount we lose due to hunger and starvation is enormous; we must look at the volume of crimes in the society, the amount spent by Government on providing free health where they are partly free. Some of the diseases are hunger related and if this scourge has been reduced, I guess we can begin to calculate how much our government can save.

Fighting hunger is a call to duty of all well meaning Nigerians, responsible corporate organisations and Government. The amount needed to fight hunger is not much; it requires contributions through donations, advocacy and volunteering to help in the spread against a hunger free nation. In the fore front of ending hunger in our society, FOODCLIQUE SUPPORT INITIATIVE is a Non-Governmental organisation using resources from friends and family to stamp-out hunger within our midst. Through FOODCLIQUE SUPPORT INITIATIVE, you can help spread the word and be a hunger hero so that our future as a nation will not be at the mercy of our failure to start the FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER NOW!

Akerele Akintunde Hareef
Co-founder/Executive Director FoodClique Support Initiative


  1. @Akerele Akintunde Hareef, brother

    I believe you intended to say abstaining & not starving as in the second paragraph of your message.

    “Through this spiritual test, people are under obligation of starving themselves even when they have the means to upset this feeling of hunger.”

    Jazak-Allah Khair


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