Ajulo Slams Fashola On Deportation of Easterners

Lagos Governor, Babatunde Fashola
Lagos Governor, Babatunde Fashola

The Egalitarian Mission for Africa has frowned at the deportation of some easterners by the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, under the guise of rehabilitation or reunion.

In a statement issued Saturday by the Executive Director, Mr. Kayode Ajulo, the action of the Lagos State government has no basis in the nation’s law.

“As a matter of fact, it was an action begat in illegality and birthed in unconstitutionality. Every Nigerian has a right to reside in any part of Nigeria without any molestation or harassment whatsoever and regardless of the name of the such infringement is described, the politician and human rights activist said .

Ajulo described as “hollow, jejune, and a gratuitous insult on our collective psyche,” the defence of rehabilitation cum reunion offered by officials of Lagos State.


  1. Thanks brother I now believe that really we have people that has seen what the ibos are saying. If u want to send them back u do that proper which will connote that are doing this for this particular reasons. If u are saying is political your Adam of the same party or rochas of the same why not send them to him more so he will protect your interest if u are saying obi is politizing it

  2. Why re easterners feeling HATED?
    He also deported hausas(disables nd beggers),yorubas nd others. Answer dis questions TRUTHFULLY (1) why didnt he pick his calls?(2) how did U feel when hausas(beggers) were deported nd the road of Lagos was walkable without harassment?
    Lastly politicians nd activist shld please stop acting as if they care nd stop turning us against each other

    • My brother,do you know that not all deported are detitutes ?
      A lady tailor and her friend standing along the road discussing was on gunpiont ceased by KAI and police into a vehicle locked up since December 2012 in a private prison were among, no assess to their families untill they were deported.

      Another is a man who kept his goods at a nearby to eat at a buker only to be arrested by your KAI and police with no charge no offence for the past 8 months,only to be deported to a no mans land.
      See,you people should stop supporting evil.
      I have about 6 to 8 yorubas working under me,I have never thought of any thing against them.
      I love people of all races,but if I tell you that a yoruba friend whom I valued so much betrayed me and this added 1 more year for my graduation,but I still work with them with no sentiments,treating everyone equall wt no partiality.
      You people should stop this,so that we may not be tempted to reciprocate in the same manner

  3. who told you that is only igbos who are been deported.Even if they were the only ones,he has his own reason for doing that.It might be because igbos are causing havock to lagos state.And igbos in reality,they are bias……So let him be i beg.

  4. Fashola’s action is unconstitutional and whoever that supports him is wicked,callous and stupid. I have many Yorubas in my house @ Onitsha as neighbors,who are jobless and we are not discriminating. So let’s condemn his action. Fashola is brewing hatred among the Igbos&Yorubas. Long Live Ndigbo,Long Live Biafrans. Udo!!!

  5. I still maintain my response, those that has nothing to do in lagos should go to their respective states, lagos state would not constitute destitute anymore.

    • Akachukwu,how many people have you helped in life ?or are you still a daddy’s boy ?
      if the igbo blood is in your vein,you would have known before now that not all of them deported are destitutes
      So b4 you talk,1st make findings

    • If you want to comment, comment with your real name and stop impersonating. We know you are not an Igbo boy, so show your real identity.

  6. This man must be high on cheap stuffs. So hausas and yorubas can be deported but not ibos,akwa ya? Ibos can sack their non indigens in civil service,abi? Anambra can deport destitutes back to ebonyi and akwa ibom,nothing is wrong ba? I know it is unconctitutional. We shd condemn whoever state that do it, which ever tribe it is done to, not only shout when ibos are affected.

    • The people Abia governor sacked in the civil service were all igbos from IMO state, and he was condemned. The deportation of destitute from Anambra to Ebonyi and Akwa Ibom is a propaganda deployed by the Lagos government to justify the illegality.

  7. Fashola is a fool…..! And any one on his side included,when the beggers are in the street,does that mean he should atempt to split up our country bcos he wants to mise?he is a misser and a greedy idiot! Who doesn’t know busines study,why should he arest and detain hawkers? I’m just fedup! If begers litter the streets is it not governments duty to shelter and feed the helpless and disabled by building a forte?some of these begers became helples due to services renderd to lagos state government,so why should he return them to their state? Is it not their country fg needs to act on this issue!that stupid man is sick and needs help,I’m not ibo,but the truth is, it was bcos of this same issue that nigeria war against biafra,then why is fashola bringing the stench back? That war was to say nigeria belonged to its dwellers irespective of your tribe.I’m done but if you think fashola is being reasonable,then you need to go and have a brain chekup nickonmpoop!

    • Are u a retard? Who gave u warped account of the war? I know u r stupid,what about the relapse? Have u heard about the igbo coup? I bet u havent. Go and make ur research and know the cause of the civil war.

  8. I am so suprised to see adults assume that the ‘state’ is perfect!!! We now commit what in logic is called “FALLACY OF COMPOSITION”. Example…obama stole maggie cube, therefore americans steal maggie cube……haha…..no people. if your job is to populate a country, u will be deported na…but the problem here is not all the deported ibos were jobless sha…but none is perfect. let’s stop citing one instance to generalise a state. whatever reconfiguration that takes place, its still for the good of the majority. remember demolition exercise? one green-white-green.


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