Arrested MASSOB Leaders To Be Charged To Court


Coordinator of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Anioma/Ndokwa East region of the state, Mr. Emeka Okafor who has been detained by the Delta State Police Command, and others arrested recently would be charged to court soon.

Disclosing this in Asaba, the Delta State capital, Police Public Relations Officer of the Delta State Police Command, ASP Lucky Uyabeme, said they would be charged to court at the end of investigation.

He listed the items recovered from the suspects to include 114 Biafran flags, two boots, 129 Biafran pounds and ten shillings.

Others items were 32 membership forms and other documents, ten pairs of complete Biafran uniforms with name tags, three cutlasses, seven hard cover notebooks for minutes of meeting, two military belts and one expended cartridge.

According to Uyabeme, the Command would not allow any part of the state to be used as breeding ground for any criminal activity, insisting that acts of the suspects were “treasonable and the government will not condone such lawlessness.”

The 52-year-old MASSOB leader accused the police of arresting them out of fear of the growing popularity of the group in Asaba.

Okafor who hails from Nkanu in Enugu State, was arrested and detained by the police with five of his members.

Okafor had been accused of attacking men of the vigilante team in Asaba, an accusation he denied while being paraded by the police before journalists in Asaba.

“This is a sector, how can we go and attack them? They are afraid that if MASSOB continues to be visible they would not continue to harass people. They are street people,” he said, adding “there were people that came there and wanted to sympathise with flood victims and three of my members went there. Unfortunately, one of them who has not been given proper MASSOB training went with them.

“While there, they were pushing one another, trying to get space and in the process the vigilante people slapped one of my boys and he retaliated. And then the vigilante people called policemen from ‘B’ Division. Instead of coming to settle the matter, the police started arresting our members.”

Okafor insisted that MASSOB is a peaceful association that is going about its activities without intimidating, harassing or attacking members of the public, adding that they were attacked by crooks who removed everything that the police paraded as exhibits.

“We did not mount road block neither did we go on demonstration. We were at a place and they went there and searched everything. Those boys are crooks, they searched everywhere and brought out the money. The money is for me, we keep it knowing that it is a legal tender to the Biafran people. We hide it because we know the quality of it,” he stated.


  1. Instead of them goin to the north were the heat is on they are here harrassing innocents people going about the lawfull duties. If they want the country to stand let them start from the north or let this people be, they are fighting for what they believe since the country cannot stand as one. Did MASSOP force any state to go with them or are they going about killing innocent people,bombing or butchering people like animals to actualise their country. Politicians should stop steering more heat,release this men at once..

  2. Instead of them to go to the North where the heat is on they are here harrassing innocent people going about their lawfull duties, if they want the country to stand they should start from the North, did MASSOB force any state to join them or go about killing innocent people by bombing or bucthering humans like animal to actualise their country. Its not an offence to fight for what you believe since they the politians cant find a solution to keep us at peace. Politians should stop steering heat in Nigeria. Release those men at once,

  3. What a shame! D police got nothing to do wit dier tym but to arrest harmless nd innocent pple. Did anybody complain dat doze boyz exchanged d Biafran money wit goods or services ??? Did dey go on demostration or rally wit d Biafran flags? ?? D answer is NO! So, why d arrest? ?? No wonder some Soldier men beat a police officer mercilessly d oda day. Doze MASSOB boys should be let alone coz dey committed no offence. Instead doze policemen shud be charged to court for breaking into dier privacy.

  4. How Nigeria govt. Seat and watch d police harassing d igbo people for no just cause and leaving the northerners to be there killing people as if they animals. We are yet to know if govyt. Is only for d favor of northern people. since 2002 till date, d northern boko harram have been killing and kidnapping innocent pple and d NPF could not face them and stop from doing such evil. But whenever a peaceful massob member passes, the police will arrest and detained d person why. Is it not more problem dt u pple are trying to create in. This country. Is it north better u release those massob members in your custody to maintain peace and order so dt d country will know dt they are only facing those hearth less boko harram sect. Free those massob members, they are innocent. If there are any sect to be arrested and questioned, it should be d police and not massob members. I reserve my comments till another time.