ASUU STRIKE: Students Give FG, ASUU 7-day Ultimatum


The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), yesterday issued a one-week ultimatum to the Federal Government and the union’s leadership to resolve their differences or face corrosive consequences.

The students have vowed that they would take their destinies in their own hands if the parties failed to reconcile within a week and that they will go on a nation-wide riot in what it described as ‘operation occupy Nigeria’.

The students’ body  appealed to ASUU to return to the classroom and continue negotiation with the Federal Government since the latter claimed to have released over N100 billion for infrastructural development and another N30 billion for allowances.

“We are appealing to ASUU that since  the Federal Government has been able to release N100 billion for infrastructural development and N30 billion for allowance, they should go back to classroom and continue their negotiation or agitation. This is our prayer and wish.

“We are giving them one week to open the schools or be ready to face corrosive consequences in form of nation-wide demonstration and riots. We are ready to mobilise for that and it will be operation occupy Nigeria,” he said.

Lamenting the effect of the strike,  Obasi said students have become prone to accidents on the  highways and the female students have been reduced to sex hawkers on the streets.

His words: “I stand to tell you that a lot of accidents have been recorded and 99.9% of the victims are Nigerian students. If they were in classrooms, they would not have fallen victims of road crashes.

“Our female students have become commercial sex hawkers on the streets in order to make ends meet. This colossal effect is more than what ASUU is agitating for. Hence, we can no longer fold our arms and watch things go wrong.”

Source: Daily Sun Newspaper


    • U are the one foolish,,,,,don’t worry! By the time u sit at home and all the barbers in ur area that telling to come and learn hw to barb and forget abt sch, that’s when u will knw what they are figthing 4…….lunatic u are

    • @efe, pls tell them , so useless set of idiots, This people called FG wants to ruin our future and all the stupid nans can do is to support the FG. Uhm! What a pity. The so called nans must have been bribed or they are cult members missing their cult activities in school. I stand for asuu. Youths go and learn work. Tailoring, caterring and lot more. Untill both parties are able to resolve strike issue.

    • @lola,I dnt tink u r a studnt..u dnt rep us u knw wt it means 2 spend 5/6 yrs 4 a 4yrs course??d so cald asuu rnt fightn 4 our course buh deir own selfish desires..fg has alreadi answrd our course..if dey rily r fightn 4 our course,let dem go back 2 work..

    • See his slumdogged mouth… U might as well go to hell 4 all NANS cared 4… I tink u re an okada man… Sorry 4 ur sef… Bcos if u were to b a student u woudn’t open dat bucca cavity of urs to slander shit out of it…

  1. Naija must shake…Leqqo NANS, still d so-called fathers are nt takinq our future serious and fiqhtinq 4 their personal qains in d name of earns allowance

  2. This Asuu/Fg conundrum is an enigma to me.Our educational system is in the state of quagmire and doldrums, as far as i am concerned a country that doesn’t pay attention to her educational sector that country is already experiencing hell on planet earth.Corruption is a major factor militating against Nigerian growth and development, Fg is corrupt and Asuu too are corrupt individuals.Asuu will collect that money from the FG and in the end they will still collect money from students and dash them As just like that,they harrass girls, collect sorting infact most of them doesn’t even come to class to lecture, I’m crying for my country Nigeria because I’m so afraid that even God may find it cumbersome tor change this country.

  3. Pls we can differ in our opinion wc i think that is why we are students i.e i don’t xpect al d nig. students to follow d same opinion.
    For d NANS, they av failed in there aims and objectives cos there ar several issues confronting each schs wc they av failed to come 2geda nd approach bt i knw dis is due to d set of cultist reprsenting us. Al they do is go around and take money 4rm high politicians.

    For d ASUU’s, let them go ahead and fight their last fight cos if they don’t, they wil stil go for anoda strike in d next 4 years as dis as been their culture.

    F.G, and madam fin.sec., giv asuu what they need and let us go bak 2 sch. Bkos most of ur children ar either in d private schs or overseas. Stupid set of unprepared leaders.

  4. It’s better ASUU fight to finish what they are asking for. We have the money to change the decay in our educational system< hence the govt. should stop deceiving us. I spent four years in a high institution but never never experience the practical aspect of my course. For the NANS, i advice that u join force with the lecturers to improve the academic environment of our institutions than to join force in destroying. Know that u can force to work but u can force the Govt to step up the funding and keep to terms of agreement. That's d only way to approach the GOVT-ASUU log jam.

  5. For all those who called Efe Foolish… May God bless you all… But u should have called him mad… Education is our right and no selfish scumbag should deprive us of it..

  6. Efe was rigt asuu hav 2 end dis once nd 4 all yea they are fighting 4 their interest nd right Nans should fight 4 their by compeling f.g 2 provide 4 his citizens they own us dat asuu owns us noting

  7. Dis asuu pple are fighting for their pockets not we students for crying out loud they are being paid their salaries during these strike period, if they are really fighting for us as d students are home suffering it let d lecturers too suffer it wit us by not being paid their salaries then we ll know they are really fighting for d students. I’m in support wit NANS, we students need to fight for our rights, for those insulting NANS i doubt if u’re students, they are not taking anyone side they are jez warning fg and asuu to speed up their negotiations, asuu shuld pls consider we students and accept d little fg has offered and call off d strike

  8. Hello pepo, u can say whatever u like, FG is just using propaganda to get the support of the students and parents. They (FG) did not release any 100bn, just 30bn was released wen they promised 93bn in 2009. When it comes to the senate/ House of rep, they can spend 1.3trillion, the health sector went on strike last week and they have been answered cos pepo were dying. When it comes to ASUU, they don’t have money. Instead of telling ASUU to return to class, tell FG to answer ASUU. Let’s join hands and fight FG to answer ASUU!

  9. We are not enjoying the strike though bt any student who indulges herself in sex hawking has being doing it. the two are nt connected at all ashawoo na ashawoo strike or no strike

  10. Dis issue is very bad. The fg &asuu wil nt suffer lost weda at work or nt,their salaries is intact, the disadvantage wil all fall back on us, the students, our time, energy,resources and our future has been tempered with! It is time we come out to demostrate. Sinc d fg has given b1000 and b3o, i think d asuu shud call off d strik as d negotiate 4 d rest!

  11. Asuu self, tu much ol everyfin is bad, dis thin dey rr fightin is good, buf @least fg try smal,witin asuu dia r corropt membas patiently waitn 4 dis money …so dey shuld @least consida us na n resum work

  12. Its a pity that this is coming from NANS. Am sure they have been paid to say this. The FG has this money i wonder why they are delaying this issue.

  13. This is NANS way of playing politics…who are they supportin? Who did they gave the seven days warning to? Or when they stage the ‘protest’ against who ASUU or FG?
    Of course, we are tired of staying at home especially for students that have plans……..i will urge every student to support the protest as long as the protest will be peaceful, and it should be against the ‘strike’ not against any party involve… ..

  14. If u look @ our universities’s laboratories, classes n hostels, u’ll know 4 sure if making this strike longer will solve the lapses in these crucial areas, then let it be. Nans don’t be so hauteur, we’re students too. Once a postitute will always b a prostitute, n to what value is a graduate without experience. NANS u’re on your own.


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