Baby Born With 4 Limbs Successfully Operated in Adamawa

The two-months-old girl who was born with a rare congenital defect called “dipygus” (having small extra legs between the normal legs) has been successfully operated upon by doctors at the Federal Medical Centre, Yola. 

four_legs_girlThe girl was born in Konkol community of Maiha Local Government Area of Adamawa, where the residents think she is a spirit. The baby was subsequently moved to Yola, the Adamawa State capital for treatment.

Renowned paediatric surgeon, Professor Awwal Abubakar, who led the team of doctors that performed the surgery, described it as successful, saying “We are happy to report that the baby is doing well, but will require periodic monitoring as she grows.”

Mr. Abubakar said the surgery, which lasted for about two hours, involved a team of doctors, surgeons, and nurses, and was considered an accomplishment by the hospital.

He advised Nigerians to report such birth defects to medical experts and not be unnecessarily superstitious.

“We need to actually sensitize our communities to accept that this problem will be tackled and those babies are going to live normal life. So there is no need to deny them access to good medical care,” he said.

He commended the management of the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, for bearing the cost of the surgery, with the hope that the gesture would be sustained.

The joyous father of the yet to be named baby, Mani Margi, praised Allah for saving the life of his first child.

“I am in short of words, praise be to lord, for saving the life of my only born baby. For the doctors and FMC, I have nothing to utter, but may Allah reward them abundantly,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Aliyu Danburam, said that in a bid to assist the needy, the centre introduced a social welfare unit that has assisted several people.

The director, who spoke through the hospital’s spokesman, Adamu Dodo, said the hospital management took charge of the cost of the surgery.

“The Social welfare scheme in collaboration with other religious organizations has assisted dozens of such patients that are in critical condition. It was aimed at putting hope and smile on their faces, as you can see today,” he said.

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