BBA The Chase: Beverly Cries Her Eyes Out As Her BBA Romance With Angelo Comes To An End (PHOTOS)


Nigerian BBA representative, Beverly Osu was devastated as her “boyfriend” and fellow housemate, Angelo was evicted from the house last night.


The moment the live show ended Beverly went straight to her bed and cried her eyes out. But Melvin, the Nigerian other contestant, was there to console her. Here is what he said to her;


“You still have me. You will be fine. I will still be here for you. My bed is the biggest in the House. You can share it with me.”

Perhaps she has found a replacement.



  1. How can a small girl like Beverly cannot stay without a man,
    she is shameless girl,
    she lack home training,
    she talk too much, she talk like a fool, she don’t have a respect to her mother, her mother is always her topic story,
    she have never give a good story about her mother but bad bad story,
    last time she was telling her house mate how her mother was dating younger men at her street,
    what a shame!


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