Bianca Ojukwu Opens Up About Her Intimate Relationship With Femi Fani-Kayode

Enugu Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu’s widow and Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain, Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, has described as false the claim by former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, that she was his girlfriend when she was a spinster.


Fani-Kayode had in his article, entitled: “Neither a tribalist nor a hater,” published in the social media and some segments of the national dailies, claimed to have met with Bianca when she was Miss Bianca Onoh at the Cambridge College and had “intimate” relationship with her together with two other Igbo ladies.

Reacting to this, Bianca said  she had never met Fani-Kayode before, either at official or private level, not to talk of having an “intimate” relationship with him.

The ambassador, who spoke through her lawyers, Wall Street Attorneys, has, therefore, threatened to drag the former aide to ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo to court if, in the next seven days, he fails to retract his libelous publication against her.

In the letter from her lawyers to Fani-Kayode, dated August 27, 2013 and signed by Mike Ugwuanyi, Esq, Mrs. Ojukwu demanded that the former minister writes an apology and retraction of the said libelous publication in The Sun and Thisday newspapers, as well as publish it in the online publication, where it emanated, in the next seven days or face litigation.

The letter written by Mrs. Ojukwu’s lawyers and obtained by The Sun read in part: “We have been briefed and our services retained by Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain to demand from you an unreserved apology and a retraction of a false and malicious statement, which you published online and also caused to be published in the Leadership Newspaper of August 16, 2013.

“In the said article entitled, ‘Neither a Tribalist nor a Hater,’ you recklessly alleged, as follows: ‘I was not a tribalist when I had a long standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh…’, a statement, which you know is untrue and unfounded, but only calculated to lower our client’s esteem and damage her national and international reputation.

“Our client has never met you, does not know you in person and has never had any official or private relationship with you how much more ‘a long-standing and intimate relationship.’

“Our client is therefore, outraged by your bizarre and scandalous allegation and the numerous mails and telephone calls she has received from friends, relations and admirers who are equally embarrassed and who seek to confirm the veracity or otherwise of your false and reckless publication.

“Your apparent lame and half-hearted attempt, as published in the Leadership Newspaper of 17th August 2013, to clarify your false and malicious allegation falls far short of a retraction and does not sufficiently address the damage to our client arising from the widespread dissemination of your false publication and is therefore unacceptable to our client.

“In the circumstances, we demand, on the instruction of our client that you submit to her a clear and unqualified apology and retraction published in The Sun and Thisday newspapers in addition to having the retraction published online.

“Take note that should you fail to tender the apology and publish a retraction of your false and malicious publication, seven days next after your receipt of this demand notice, our further instructions are to seek appropriate redress in court. And that shall be without further recourse to you. Be properly guided.”

Source: Daily Sun Newspaper



  2. Lie lie man, like father like son. He even went ahead and lied that he has apologized to Bianca. This Femi Fani Kayode is a mental case, just to gain some bragging right he decided to lie with Bianca’s name, this man is too childish, talks and reasons like a kid. What baffles me is that some yoruba people see him as their spokesman, some even admitted to that in their articles. Shame on them, na wa o.

  3. I will prefer Femi Fani-Kayode to prove to the court how he had intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh or even Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu.
    You don’t push yourself to fame by publishing malicious articles.
    I had earlier told him that he has finally ruined his political carrier when he published the bitter truth about the Igbos.
    He will eventually reduce himself to zero, that is if he still worth anything.
    I am sure the money he got while in government as aviation Minister is fast running down and I even wonder why people like him is not in prison over embezzlement of public fund.
    What is E.F.C.C even doing in relation to that millions of public fund he embezzled. That case must never be swept under the carpet.
    I do not know the reason the son of most of those past cruel politicians always end up useless, or is it nemesis?
    To start with no responsible man get married by impregnating a girl or was that how his father married his mother?
    It will be my pleasure to see Femi Fani-Kayode appear in court over those articles.
    Like father, like son.

  4. Godamned yoruba idiot, using our beautiful igbo queen for his bragging rights! Why did he not use omotola omosexy for his sleaze campaign? Please bianca sue his yoruba ass for 100 billion naira. By the time he’s done with paying all the money he stole as minister would be gone. Stinking yoruba maggot!

  5. Fani-Kayode goofed. My respect for him dipped by 90 percent. His retraction should be published in all national daillies and magazines. This will teach him and his kind some good lessons. This goes to show the kind of politicians that parade the political terrain making the system static.

  6. That serves Fani Kayode right! I submitted my warnings and wise suggestions to my fellow Yoruba men and women to at least not support him or warn him to retrace his steps but nobody hearkened to that.
    Fani Kayode you are so depraved psychologically ; better face your incurred problems. More are still on the way. It’s a pity you have dragged some of our myopic Yoruba brothers and sisters into this.

    • Certainly, no right thinking person would expect the ex-Igbo queen to have admitted having relationship with the ex-minister, not after such a long time of making the claim when she could have read the minds of her people. From the content of her response, one would expect that the claim made did provoke her in no small as to, under normal circumstances, force immediate rebuttal before the dissipation of the effect of the provocation.
      Let’s hope her response wouldn’t provoke the ex-minister into divulging, with proofs, further facts.

  7. To all intents and purposes, he was controlled by an inferiority complex, to smear some sections in other to make his section most relevant in the entiety. Somebody commented, that he drugs! So, there is judgement imparement in him. He should be advised to appologise satisfactorily. That is ok! And that is the honourable Lady’s prayer! She has nothing to do with his money, time and energy.

  8. is there anything wrong in dating bianca…
    If truly he dated her, he’s right to quote her..
    And those of you who took side without knowing the truth… You are the TRIBALIST he’s talking about! Opara and co take ur time and watch ur comments.

    • Satan punish u idiot for calling my name. Femi’s intention is to insult the igbos, since Bianca was Ojukwu’s wife and Ojukwu was our leader and number one hero. His claim was an intentional move to insult Ojukwu and the rest of the igbos.

    • Shut up, if Femi had been reasonable all these comment ,insult,and abuses wont exist,he belittle himself and for those my yoruba brothers that are sentimental,the reasonable Yorubas have faulted Femi from his first publication till the last one why are you dump ass still seeing reasonS with his incongruousness?

  9. Femi started all this because the Ibos made a defensive statement concerning their rights as Nigerians in Lagos over the illegal deportation,they did not fight lagosians or yorubas, instead of Femi as a Lawyer to clarify this rights on National interest,he childishly insults the Ibos attributing Nigeria problems to the Ibos. Am surprise some yorubas are still supporting him. Please go back to his first Articles to the last one if ever he will stop and ask yourselfs this question. Will the Yorubas or any tribe accept such an insult from an Iboman? As for Mrs Ojukwus issues i believe his Pen was faster than his brain since his mind was focus on one thing ( Embarrass the Ibos) but this time he got more than he bargain for, wether he had a relationship or not is now irrelevant,but since he has apologise to Mrs Ojukwu i think he should be forgiving, though he should be more gentlemanly to apologise to the Ibos. 8-)

  10. This guy called femi fani kayode is a fool. He has destroyed is political career and now he is looking for anybody to drag to the mud to try to resurrect is already stinking personality! I know say if them give am chance him go say him don fuck HID awolowo and uche azikiwe! Foolish man!

  11. He is true son of Yoruba land—unguided mouth, lack of respect for matrimonial set up, i think this idiot has a wife and she have been listing. h0w i wish Ojukwu is alive. He would have looked for him and slapped him. i trust my Ikemba.

  12. Fani should wash his mouth, he is no longer a kid. Imagine what you‘re bringing to yourself, family(your long gone father), tribe. Apologise now! Who knows if truly this happen? But does mean it should be made public. Both of them should also settle their differences.