Big Mouth, Big Regrets: Femi Fani-Kayode “Expresses Deep Regrets” For Revealing Intimate Relationship With Bianca Ojukwu, Others

Femi-Fani-Kayode-2Former Minister of Aviation in the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, who has been in the news lately for his commentaries on the recent deportation of Destitute from Lagos to Anambra State, has expressed regrets on some of his comments especially as it regards some Nigerians of Igbo lineage.

In his latest trilogy titled “A Word For Those That Call Me A Tribalist,” Fani-Kayode or FFK as he is fondly referred to, sought to disabuse the minds of many whose response to his previous two articles – “The Bitter Truth About the Igbo” and “Lagos, The Igbo And The Servants of Truth” – portrayed him as being a tribalist, mentioned the names of some prominent women with whom he claimed to have had “close and intimate relationship with” to support his claims as a detribalized Nigerian.

However, his latest attempt not only earned him further bashing with many questioning his integrity, it also brought him in collision course with his former colleague in the Obasanjo administration and erstwhile World Bank Vice-President (Africa), Dr (Mrs) Oby Ezekwesili.

To show his remorse, Fani-Kayode, in a statement signed by his Press Secretary, Bisi Lawal, admitted that it was “inappropriate” for him to have mentioned the names of some women  in his latest article; chief among them, Ambassador Bianca Ojuwkwu.

The statement read:

“Chief Femi Fani-Kayode hereby expresses his deepest regrets for mentioning the names of three distinguished Nigerian ladies that he was once associated with in his last article titled “A Word For Those Who Say I am A Tribalist”. He meant no harm by doing so and neither did he at any point make references to having had any sexual relations with any of these ladies when they were associated with him as is being suggested by some members of the public. He was simply trying to emphasise the fact that he has nothing against the igbo people and that his friendship with these three ladies in particular over the years provided some evidence of that.

“For the record he has not seen Madame Chioma Anasoh, Chief Adaobi Kate Uchegbu and Ambassador Bianca Onoh in many years and he admits that it was inappropiate for him to have mentioned their names in the essay, to use them as a point of reference in a public discussion or to make any references whatsoever to the nature of their past association. All references to them have been erased from the updated version of the essay.

“Chief Fani-Kayode has reached two of the ladies concerned and he has personally conveyed his unreserved apology to them both and to their families for his indiscretion. He shall endeavour to reach the third lady to do the same in the next few days. Chief Fani-Kayode has nothing more to say on this matter and would prefer to remain focused on issues of national importance and not of a personal nature.”


  1. This Kayode is obviously having mental and psychological problems! Imaging the useless ranting! Referring to eminent women: was that an effort to show stupidity or promiscuity? Kayode please you were never speaking on behalf of Yoruba or will you ever. Your reasoning can never be likened to us Yoruba coz u talk without thinking. You have succeeded in making a mess of all you have written earlier. You had better apologise for all you have written against a tribe coz u don’t have the truth! U have brought shame to us Yoruba and I will not support u again. Olori ijapa!

  2. What does fani femi kayode intends to achieve by mentioning the names of women he has slept with nor have an intimate affairs with,will that make him a fork hero or a superman,it is a common knowledge that there is a very big dichotomy between education and common sense,although common sense is not commonly available to everyone of us,to me he is a big fool and a disgrace to this generation;he belong to the dark ages and he is a product of a wasted generation that has nothing good to offer us.

  3. Indeed,dis man is not only a woman wrapper but also woman pant,a disgrace 2 his generation,just ranting like a mental retard man,abi u chop hot pepper?they tune u like radio u no think u begin dey vomit nonesense.oya make una clap 4 him e don display his talent.some1 dat could not manage aviation ministry what else can he offer nothing but loud mouth.

  4. I did say that this man should not be taken serious because he is an imbecile. He must be high on drug to enable him rant the way he does. He speaks from both sides of his mouth. He is uninformed, and a great lier who misappropriated, lied and is still fooling himself. The money he has stolen from our commonwealth is intoxicating him. The bone of contention is that Fashola goofed because he is only human. Area boy, Funny-Kayode is a clawn, he cries more than the bereaved. One day, he will seek the vote of the Igbos whom he is telling all sorts of lies against. Nigerians should be careful in their dealings with him, he is ready to tell the whole world how many times he slept with his own mother whenever there is a misunderstanding between them. A real man does not kiss and tell only half men do – The truth shall set you free.