Buhari: Why I Still Want To Run For Presidency In 2015

Muhammadu_buhariGeneral Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has for the umpteenth time reiterated his desire to contest the 2015 presidential elections saying it is ‘a must obligation on me.’

The former Head of State was speaking when members of a political group, the Kano State Political Movement (KSP), paid him sallah homage at the weekend in Kaduna.

Buhari, a three-time presidential candidate, has of recent began to drop hints that he would contest again after publicly declaring that the 2011 race would be the last time he will ever run for the highest office in the land.

However, Buhari, whose Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) merged with other opposition parties to form the All Progressives Change (APC), told his visitors that his desire to run again for president in 2015 is “because of the continuous and excessive exploitation and degradation of the common man by the powers that be in this country.”

He added that the struggle for the emancipation of Nigerian masses from the clutches of what he called bad leaders and bad governance “is a matter of life and death.”

Gen. Buhari added that his knowledge of the vast wealth Nigeria is endowed with and the enormous embezzlement and extravagance by the powers that be make him to be ever resilient in looking for ways to the position of presidency, “for us to try and remedy things so that Nigerians can live well and enjoy their wealth”.

He harped on the need for large scale enlightenment and awareness of Nigerians by the newly registered APC because majority of them are ignorant of the situation and are being exploited.

He added, however, that the people have begun to learn through experience, due to lack of basic amenities of life, which are supposed to be provided by the government.

Speaking earlier, the KSPM chairman, Alhaji Bello Isa Bayero said they were at the former Head of State’s residence to pay Sallah homage as well as to congratulate him for the success in registering APC as full pledged political party.

He reiterated the support of Kano people to Buhari, whom he said are the foremost in supporting him and will forever remain so.


    • Is APC fail to run buhari as their candidate what will happen?
      Do you think Buhari will surport any other candidate in APC?
      This is the main problem that APC will face! If they pick OKOROCHA buhari supporter will leave,and jst like that to other candidate.I don’t think buhari is the right person for APC……let him relax and be leader in the party

  1. To me,Buhari may appear to have good leadership dreams,but he is a retired man,so he should engage himself with other activities.He should leave politics for other promising politicians.Think Bill Clinton,George Bush,etc,these are xleaders,who should ve being power-lust,but they engage themselves with their other dreams.And may be to support upcoming politicians.