Bukky Ajayi: Claims She Is Not Dead, Says She Is Still Alive


Veteran Nollywood Actress Bukky Ajayi has been the subject of Death Rumours for a couple of days now.

But the actress has come forward to say “I’m not dead, I am alive”.

In the early hours of Monday the 29th of July, unconfirmed rumors began to spread that Bukky Ajayi was dead. Some people had already began to mourn her until now that the woman now cried out that she is hale and hearty.

In a brief chat with her, she explained that over 12 people have called her asking if she was alive but she was shocked to know that some people are actually thinking her dead at this early stage of her life.

The situation even became more serious when she received calls from her daughter and husband.

“I’m hale and hearty, and nothing is wrong with me.”

However, she was critically ill for a while but she has since recovered from her age-related illness.


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