Catholic Priest Accidentally Shoots Self Dead In Edo


Catholic worshippers at St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church, Sobe, in Owan West Local council area of Edo State, were yesterday thrown into mourning when a Catholic priest, Rev. Father Peter Ayala, was found dead in his apartment Sunday morning before mass.

The deceased, who was expected to conduct the morning mass at 7am was reportedly cleaning his double-barreled gun inside his apartment within the church premises, when the gun allegedly went off, killing him in the process.

According to The Nation, the incident took place in the early hours of Sunday before the priest dressed up for the mass, while worshippers were beginning to converge for the worship service.

The development expectedly threw the church into confusion as both mass servers and church elders made frantic efforts to resuscitate the priest who was lying prostrate, lifeless in his apartment.



  1. I’m frm Auchi. It was a locally made gun for hunting not double barrel. He went hunting on saturday afternoon and d gun got hooked as it used to. So he was trying to fix it wen it went off. No one heard d gunshot even d seminarian. He died in his pool of blood and was discovered sunday morning.

  2. The issue is why will a church cook-up a story to hide what really happened? Anyway, that is an issue that concerns them. But I seriously want for our religious houses to set a standard of behaviour worthy of emulation.

    May the soul of tHe deceased RIP.

  3. I, find it hard to resist the temptation of saying “IT SERVES HIM RIGHT” or whether REAL or IMAGINED, what on earth could a PRIEST of a MISSION on the ORDERS of the MOST HIGH_on a MISSION to rest MAN-KIND off SPIRITUAL-BATTLES that needed not PHYSICAL nor HUMAN-MENTAL effort be doing with a gun while LAY-APOSTOLATE’S waited for a Re-freshening of the ECCLESIASTICAL-ORDER of the MASS.

    God help this country.

  4. our warfare is not of canal says the bible. What is a Catholic Priest doing with gun. God delivered Israelite and brought them out of Egypt without using any violence weapon. I believe God can still do more than this. This incident must be a lesson for us most especially christian. God is our Shepherd, fortified, refuge and more………
    Let us trust in the Lord

  5. Na waa for una oo. The gun was locally made and its for hunting of games. So because he a priest, he should not enegage in his leisures again. Even if d gun is for protection, it doesn’t still matter so long it has a lincense.

  6. @emeka I love ur comment leave wit upper mouth say what they don’t know because he a rev father everybody opening a pit called mouth and talk anyhow. May his soul and the of all the faithful departed through the mercy

  7. May his soul rest in peace. Any body can can hv a gun for hunting dat he is a priest does mean dat he can’t hunt again. Pple should learn how 2 talk, is accident it can happen 2 any body.


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