Couple Breaks Into School To Have S#x

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Two teen lovebirds are accused of breaking into a high school to have sex, WFTV reported.

It’s unclear whether Vincent Ewell, 18, and Lindsay Longbottom, 19 actually engaged in any hands-on biology lessons inside the high school, but cops say they found the pair driving away from the high school after the break-in at around 3 a.m. Wednesday, WESH reported.

While inside the building, Ewell and Longbottom allegedly vandalized vending machines to satisfy what they described to cops as “beer munchies,” according to WKMG.

Officers say Longbottom told them they broke into the high school because they needed a place to have sex where her boyfriend wouldn’t find out.

They are both charged with burglary. Ewell is also charged with criminal mischief




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