Dad Nearly Castrated After Slipping Off Boat And Catching Testicles In Hook



A dad was nearly castrated when he caught his testicles on a hook as he slipped off the back of his boat.

Pete Lovett, 48, was in danger of bleeding to death as his crown jewels dangled by a thread five inches down his leg.

He was enjoying a family trip on the 32ft sports boat when he tried to “scooch his bum” over steel brackets as he got into the sea for a dip.

Pete said: “Somehow I misjudged how high it was and the hook pranged my wetsuit, hooked me up and pulled me backwards.

“The metal went right through my scrotum and for five to six seconds I was hanging from it – it was terrible.

“When I came up I really did put my hands between my legs and to my horror there was nothing there.”


Pete’s wife Lorna, 49, and son Alex, 21, got help as he stemmed the bleeding with gauze.

A lifeboat quickly arrived on the scene in ­Stanswood Bay, Hampshire, and Pete was airlifted to hospital in Southampton, where surgeons saved his tackle.

The roofer is now back at work and said he was “lucky” to escape with a six-inch scar.

He added: “It was a freak accident – no one’s ever done it before.”

Pete, of Wolvey, Leicester, is now happy to laugh about his horror accident and is raising £10,000 for Hamble Lifeboat through his Pete’s Plums appeal.

He added: “I’m willing to sacrifice my last shred of dignity by telling all to raise funds in their support.”