Davido: “I’m Single And Chilling”


For all the media hype surrounding his love for sex, star musician Davido has claimed to be single.

Davido, in a recent interview with CityPeople just when he got back from his European tour, explains that he is more mature now and has a firm grip of his celebrity status and  exotic lifestyle.

He also further explained that at this moment, there is no woman in his life. He explained ”I’m single and chilling, i’m 20 years old”……. and to the question of sex, he replied saying: “The only sex I see is when I’m filling in a form and they ask, ‘male or female’ and I choose male.”



  1. At 20yrs 4 a gul havin a gf,hum!I wonda,wot sot f relationship dat wl b?wot kind f gul wud date a guy dat young f nt 4 muni or da dnt hv priority n ambition.Hum!non of my business I no n I ma b naïve bt u my son tells me at dat age despite d fact its sed 18yrs s n adult bt u n I no dat its nt n all cases bt I wl skin d hell out f him muni or no muni,concentrate n skul n ur future.Goush!

  2. By d way,u a gr8 artist,I lv al ur songs mostly ur version of “Gobe”.Ur self n Password,hu owns d song,just curious.Skelewu s gr8 thumbs up.


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