Desist From Yoruba-Bashing, Groups Warn

Femi-Fani-Kayode-2The raging controversy stirred by the purported deportation of destitute from Lagos to Anambra state continued yesterday as two Yoruba pressure groups, the Odua Descendants Union, ODU, and the Odua Solidarity Forum, OSF, warned against what they claim is the ‘incessant attacks against the Yoruba race’.

In separate statements issued on Wednesday in Lagos, the groups said they joined the debate in response to the hoopla generated by recent articles written by former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, and for which people and groups of Igbo extraction strongly condemned.

ODU, in a statement by its coordinator, Adeyemi Aboderin, said it was drawing the attention of “all Nigerians to the calculated campaign of calumny and threat against the Yoruba people by some Igbo groups”.

It said the campaigns became “loud since the publication of an article by former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode”, adding that these attacks have continued unabated despite his explanations that his comments have been greatly misunderstood, and that his intentions were not to ridicule or malign the Igbo.

The group also said “some Igbo groups have not stopped at attacking him alone, but have gone ahead to issue threats against his wife and children”.

Tearing to shreds the veil that seems to portray the attacks as being directed at Fani-Kayode, the Odua Descendant Union said “the main target of these attack dogs is definitely the Yoruba race”.

In its own reaction, the OSF said the former minister “only responded to a national issue and comments made by some Igbos concerning the Yoruba race”.

They added that “It is funny how these people who have found it a game to attack Chief Fani-Kayode remained silent when an Igbo man and leader, former Abia State governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, found it convenient to describe Lagos as ‘no man’s land’ and that 55% of the revenue generated in the state belong to the Igbos”.

They said Mr. Fani-Fayode’s comments were his personal views as a Nigerian, adding, “what was he expected to do when his father’s land is being disparaged by an Igbo man?

“It is not only funny, but ridiculous that Orji Kalu would refer to Lagos as a no man’s land,” the group said.

OSF said, “Perhaps he has forgotten so soon that shortly after the June 12 crisis broke out, and Lagos was on fire as a result of the activities of the military junta, his Igbo brothers packed their loads and headed back to their ‘homes’.”

Odua Solidarity Forum noted that it took the Yoruba, who are the ‘owners’ of Lagos, to stand and fight to protect their land.

“It is also instructive to remind them that the Yoruba account for between 20% and 30% of buildings and businesses in Abuja. But we had never for one day lose sight of the fact that Abuja belongs to the Gwari people, though it is the Federal Capital of Nigeria.

“The reason is very simple, the Yoruba is not in any way covetous, and so will never lay claim to whatever is not his”.

OSF reminded all that the average Yoruba is very accommodating and “It is for this simple reason that you will find an Igbo, Hausa or even a non-Nigerian with properties spread across Yoruba land without any problem.”

OSF said It was against this background that it viewed the comments credited to the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo in the Daily Sun publication of Tuesday August 6, 2013, “as not only insulting to the Yoruba, but also an affront”.

The Ohaneze were quoted in the Sun report as saying “The Igbo are key stakeholders in the affairs of the state (Lagos). We constitute over 46% of the population of the state…It is the Igbo that make Lagos what it is and without them Lagos will go to sleep. The Igbo in Lagos have the capacity to defend themselves…”

OSF said, “This reckless statement is a subtle claim by the Igbo that they own Lagos, with a veiled threat to destroy it if they don’t have their way.”

The Yoruba group however said “despite the open threat, no Yoruba man has picked the gun to attack the Ohaneze. Perhaps we should ask our brothers one simple question. How many Yoruba have C-of-Os in Enugu, Aba or Onitsha?”

The group said the Yoruba do not own property in the East “not because they don’t want to have it or because they are not as industrious as their Igbo counterpart. The truth is that the system there will never allow them to own such things because they are viewed as ‘strangers’.

“Therefore, we would like to use this opportunity to warn them not to abuse our large hearts and accommodating spirit,” they warned.


    • As 4 i’m frm lagos state, ask dos igbo trader if dia is crisis in lagos, wont they leave lagos nd run back 2 d east. They will certainly leave nd leave d yoruba 2 d crisis. Abeg lagos is yoruba land oo. In igbo land, they are nt accomodating at all.

  1. though, i did not support the deportation of the said igbos. But let me ask these parasites called igbos why they ddnt site these acclaimed properties in their states. This is because most of them are criminals who could not invest their ill gotten weath in their land for the fear of suspicion of their criminal activities. They are spread across Yoruba towns and villages doing business bt why is most of their places left undeveloped? They are now busy laying claim to another man’s land.

  2. Why is this man dragging matters backward? what do you mean by YORUBAS are accommodating? if its the nature for any tribe to do business in any part of the country in as far as he or she has the financial capability no body will fringe on his basic constitutional right to do so.stop using the the word accommodating , the business the Igbos does all over NIGERIA favors them and the host state so what’s the noise about? AMERICA is powerful today because he allowed people of all nation to come in to invest, reside, and school even with a sense of humor citizenship is obtainable with legibility to run for government office.

    • Uche, u’re on point on America piece. But u failed to admit the fact that no “alien” albeit non-American ever laid claim to own any part of socio-economic landscape in the USA.
      The YORUBAs are very accomodating to d fault… U will agree with me that “All Igbo successfull persons(in business or otherwise, has had a stint of time in some parts of the South-West, but not a handfull oftheir Yoruba counterparts have visited Igboland, talkless of living there”
      Lets just keep living together as brothers and sisters.

      • Simeon, wake up to reality and stop your hallucinated theory. You have no point to make. What part of Igbo land have you ever made the capital city of Nigeria and had resources pumped in to develop the place as was done in Lagos and the Igbos prevented you from living there? Why are you lieing against God and in a very wicked manner? Whether you like it or not, the Yorubas can not prevent the Igbos or any other Nigerians from living in and enjoying Lagos or even aspiring to any political post in Lagos including that of the governor because Lagos is our former capital city which was built by our federal government for all Nigerians. That it is located in Yoruba land or in the land of any other tribe is not the issue. The issues are to whom does Lagos belongs and who should live in Lagos without molestation. The answer is, Lagos belongs to all Nigerians and all Nigerians are free to live in Lagos without any molestation or abuse of their rights as enshrined in the constitution. You should disabuse your mind of the misconception you have of the Igbos.

        • Degostman,u abuse nd talk anyhow.go N do buzness in ur vilage let see outcome.bcose of Lagos potential make it d capital city of nigeria till date.

  3. Lagos belongs to all Nigerians. It is our former capital city. All Nigerians are free to live, do business and aspire to any political post in it. Lagos was developed with resources from all over Nigeria (especially south east and south south oil money) and by people from all over Nigeria (the contributions of the Igbos and south south people in this regard is unquantifiable and immeasurable). It would amount to selfishness of the highest order for anybody to wake up at this point in time and start claiming ownership of Lagos to the detriment of others. Those making selfish claims should wake up to reality and accept the fact that Lagos belongs to all Nigerians. Their efforts to tell Nigerians anything contrary to the fact that Lagos belongs to all Nigerians are exercises in futility. They would not succeed because they want to stand the truth on its head.

  4. KUDOS TO US IGBOS. God gave Us a domineering power to go and dominate Nigeria and its environs. That is why we are dominating everywhere in terms of businesses, and nobody can stop us. Anybody that doesn’t like us should go and HANG him/herself. PERIOD.

  5. Lagos remains a no man’s land whether u pple like it or nt bc it was 4maly d capital of nigeria. D igbos ve painstakingly taken Lagos 2 its present state n u now want 2 lay claims. Abt 60% or more internaly generated revenue made in lagos 2dy come 4m d igbos n south-south, so i c no reason y u shdnt accomodate dem.

  6. I beg both side in the name of our Lord Jesus Chirst that let there be peace, to me the true owner of igbo and yoruba land is GOD ALMIGHTY all this argument is deception of the devil be wise dont cause civil war.

    • Nwanne please let’s leave throwing insults and using rash words. I can feel your anger, I was as angry as you are now, but I think we should control our utterances no matter the provocation. Action speaks louder than words bro. And for my Yoruba brothers, learn to condemn what is evil regardless of who the the insults is thrown out. I know many of you have lots of close Igbo friends that are good to you, but you still see the tribe as bad and evil, because that is what have been planted into your head by those that benefit from planting tribal hatred. Igbos are peaceful and loving people only if you can open your heart as see how loving we are. We don’t own Lagos, we never said we owned it, we only said we are major contributors to the growth of Lagos and important stakeholders and should be treated as one not haunted.

  7. Who are u threatening, Ndigbos? U shld know dat we dnt scare easily. Not only are we d back-bone of Lagos, we are brave to booth. When u pple were scared to stand up to ur right back in d sixties, we practically fought a war single-handedly and wit out finances frm any quarters. Pls dnt make d mistake of cursing whom God has blessed. We are d Jews of Africa and u knw wat Jews are known fr even in America. We are d God,s Chosen-people and enough already, before the anger of God is kindled against u. Stop hating, I know it is hard fr u to endure the big cars, d mansions and d booming businesses without plotting how to get ur greedy and coveteous hands on it, but try and overlook it cos God has made it so.

    • Beauty,good talK of u.d truth is clear abt who own Lagos nd south-west.Yoruba own over 30% of industry n housing in Abuja,but never one day lay claim to there land.igbo shuld go n lay claim as d owner of ABUJa bcos its Federal Capital.

      • The Igbos own more properties in Abuja than any other tribe, and that doesn’t make us owners of the land, but important stakeholder that should be considered in policy making and affairs of the land. And please we never claimed to own Lagos, and we’ll never make that kind of claim, we alone said we contributed significantly to the growth of Lagos in so many ways and should be treated fairly not like enemies but like stakeholders. We have not clashed with the Yorubas in Lagos before, neither have we clashed with Rivers people in port harcourt before, we blend with any environment we find ourselves and even speak the indigenous language, so why all this hate from our Yoruba brothers?

  8. Stop the insult of Tribe here pls. Am not writing this because am schooled,Truth is bigger than Education. This Femi Kayode is an anti-christ sent from hell to cause disunity he and all those who support him shall burn in Hell. A true Yoruba man will not be part of this plot to cause Annarchy in us. The Genesis of all this; Is the de-portation constitionally right in the first place. What could warrant the direct insult and condemning of a tribe just to prove that Lagos do not belong to nobody but the Yorubas. No tribe is perfect in Nigeria they all have their past Mistake and Glory,why resurrect the past to hunt the future. The Ibos are known for their migrant spirit,almost every countries have the presence of an Ibo Man. Should they be blame for this?. No tribe have suffered lost more than the Ibos, they have been molested,butchered in their numbers, their properties have been plundered and destroyed they have been marginalize in leadership, yet in this lost they still move on maintaining their Peace. Other tribes stay and have properties in the East yet they have not suffered this fate in the hands of the Ibo’s. Lagos is No Mans Land And The Ibos Contribute 53% of Lagos Developement, a justifiable defence to the de-portation. If Nigeria as a country or any Other Country or Tribe suffer this deportation in another country ,i believe that same defense will be used to defend our right in that country. The Ibo’s did not go about killing Yoruba’s or Bombing to scare them from their Land, why such Hate Speech from a lawyer. America and any other Commercial City in the World has been Describe as No Mans Land,did any Tribe come out to Defend that. Pls let us avoid Polititians whose Agender is Destruction. God Help Us!!!

  9. Wonders they said shall never end. When Femi let out his poisonous wide mouth no yoruba group came out to say anything. The Igbo groups said their own to clearify issues and they found it outrageous. The Igbo are buying lands in Lagos almost every minute bcos of how yoruba landlords treat them. And bcos of long throats an average yoruba man can easily sell his bossom. Once we have seaports in the East, we gonna disappear and Lagos will be big for nothing. OPc or whatever, am sorry you cannot beat a child and tell him not to cry.

  10. please all this should stop it will do us no good…………..and as 4 u olaju u ar only saying based on what u heard concerning what happened 2 d ibos in d north as if the so called hausa spears d yorubas,if u dont know once u ar a christian u ar an enemy 2 d northen radicals and d yoruba christians ar also inclusive even the muslem bcos d hausas calls them fake muslem so both d yooruba christians and mslems ar at risk 2

  11. please all this should stop it will do us no good…………..and as 4 u olaju u ar only saying based on what u heard concerning what happened 2 d ibos in d north as if the so called hausa spears d yorubas,if u dont know once u ar a christian u ar an enemy 2 d northen radicals and d yoruba christians ar also inclusive even the muslem bcos d hausas calls them fake muslem so both d yooruba christians and mslems ar at risk too

  12. Any wise Yoruba person should have listened to my call for wisdom and understanding. I will always support justice or truth no matter who is involved.
    Fashola erred, FFK committed heinous libel against the Ibos, so we must admit and condemn that.
    FFK is trying to use ODU and co to hide away from his sins which must always hunt him except if he undo and make ammends sincerely.
    My words are prophetic words from the most High God. Every wise yoruba should disassociate himself from others evil; if you can’t condemn evil, better remain silent! God bless Nigeria

    • Ayo Balogun, are you aware that there were correspondences between Lagos State Government and Anambra State Government and both agreed as to modality for hand over of those people for rehabilitation. Why did Gov Peter Obi renege on his agreement? Why did he cry to the FG as if he was not part of the deal from the beginning? Why did Gov Peter Obi stop protesting when LSG came out with letters exchanged between the two states’ governments? Fashola may be strict, but we all know that he is smarter than that. Why did Orji Uzor Kalu have to say Lagos is a man’s land? Is that a true statement? These are the foundational questions that led to FFK’s opinions expressed. If there is tribal crisis today, will the Ibos not go back to the East? Even we the other Yorubas from other states will go back to our towns. These Ibos are talking as if they are united. What Ibos are doing to themselves internally is worst than what any other tribe is doing to them.

  13. Our elected leaders in power should be carefull the kind of people they give previledge to serve in National positions, the National Assembly should screen them properly to ascertain their believe as a citizen in Nigeria. After reading the articles from this Lawyer and the latest (The National Questions) i can see why he failed woefully as a Minister. Femi Kayode do not believe in our struggle as a Nation. What i find very confussing, why will people like him accept National appointments when they do not believe in our Oneness, it only suggest why they steal Money and go just like that. Please my Yoruba brothers do not be decieve by Polititians who have piled money in their foreign accounts to cause confussion only to run when the flame is out. The Souths have common ties with Cultures Traditions and Religions compare to the North, we are praying for the North take away their Religion sentiments and Born To Rule attitude so that the Country will move foward, Femi and his cohorts are introducing Tribal sentiments. @Ayo Balogun God will bless you and your Family. God Bless Nigeria.,Peace!!!

    • yoruba ppke will not harm anyone pls. we only stand by truth notin but truth our level of education gave uis dat. we are one wit igbos PDP is at work to seek simpathy in south east, Fasola has resolved all this wit the lgbo leaders in lagos let stop[ this noise.

  14. D only sensible igbo man on dis thread is chizoba, all d odas re spewing out uncontrolled uttercations of greed nd d selfish nature of an average ibo man. Why do people like ‘prince’ open his pie hole and effuse can any sane human being refer to another tribe as ‘maggots’ and yet no ibo man or woman has found it worthy to caution such an unculture and un civil misfire? U could own a land in lagos or in any part of d country for that matter but that does not give u d bragging right to lay claim to d state.if u don’t caution your ‘brothers’words oozing from people like prince could spurn more damage than u can think of.τ̲̅ђe yorubas are no cowards when u push us to τ̲̅ђe wall nd we are forced to fight, no one can stop a moving train. Whatch what u say!!! It is better to address d issue at hand rather than to rain insult on d yoruba people. Once again ill say watch what u say!!!

  15. I have said it time and time again, this tribal confrontation and feud will take us no where. Do NOT let us dwell on the mistakes of our fathers. Let’s think of how to make this country great. With all our potentials, even the whites are envious of our God given resources but the way we are going about it will take us no where.
    Forget tribal sentiment and stop tribalizing issues. The main culprit Femi Fani-Kayode will be d 1st to pack his portfolio if everything go wrong. Ask him how many of his properties and kids are in this country after looting the aviation ministry funds. Somebody that should have been prosecuted that is now causing more trouble.
    Please don’t let us be fooled again. Let’s unite and make this Country great!

  16. Ayo Balogun I don’t believe you A̶̲̥̅rε̲. True Yoruba person. After someone J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇†̥ called your fathers, mother, brothers and sisters maggots, your best response ΨåS̤̈̊ †☺ heap all †ђξ blames on your kinsmen in Fashola and FKK. It. Because of spineless people ℓi̶̲̥̅ke̶̲̥̅ you that Igbo people think W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ Yorubas A̶̲̥̅rε̲ cowards and pushovers. A true son will first defend his parents from external attacks even if †ђξ parents caused †ђξ hostility. A kankan le akata lo, ka †☺ fabo sori adie. That’s what FKK and these Yoruba groups were doing. W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ can not have one nation when one tribe out of many have this delusion of grandeur that they have right of entitlements †☺ other peoples property. It is this form of juvenal tantrums that led them †☺ †ђξ biafran opprobium but they have not learnt their lessons apparently. Hausas in Sagamu had that idea too few years back that they owned part of †ђξ city, it took only one day of anomy †☺ put them back in their place. Yorubas A̶̲̥̅rε̲ cobfident people, W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ have no chips on our shoulder. W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ A̶̲̥̅rε̲ a generous and magnanimous race but †ђξ Igbos will be wrong †☺ misinterprete that generosity for timidity. W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ all want peace and unity but not at †ђξ expense of selling our birthright. †ђξ argument that Lagos is free for all because it ΨåS̤̈̊ a former capital is not only fallacious and spurious but very childish in †ђξ extreme. Will Ibadan be no mans land too because it ΨåS̤̈̊ †ђξ capital of western region which included Delta and Edo states. Or maybe Enugu should be opened up for all †ђξ people of southern Nigeria because it ΨåS̤̈̊ †ђξ capital of eastern region. While at it why not lay claim †☺ UK, Europe and USA afterall it is on verifiable records that both continents developed and benefited from slavery and colonisation. Even †ђξ whole of commonwealth should claim England because it ΨåS̤̈̊ †ђξ administrative centre of British Empire that spawned all over five continents. That’s how ludicrous †ђξ igbo claims on Lagos is. I have never been on †ђξ political side of FKK but I stand with him on this as a true Yoruba son. Omo ale lo ma fowo osi juwe ile baba re.