El-Rufai Accuses Jonathan Of Dividing Nigeria Along Religious And Ethnic Lines

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai
Mallam Nasir El-Rufai

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Deputy National Secretary of the newly registered All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of infusing religion and ethnicity into the nation’s politics, thereby encouraging division among people.

El-Rufai also took a swipe at Vice President Namadi Sambo, describing his administration as governor of Kaduna State as a disaster, with his successor, Late Patrick Yakowa, according to El-Rufai having complained about the huge debt incurred by Sambo.

Speaking on a radio programme, “Guest of the Week” aired on the Kaduna-based Liberty FM on Saturday, the APC chieftain maintained that it was unfortunate that Jonathan who comes from a minority ethnic group was causing division among Nigerians instead of making the whole country his constituency.

According to him, it is sad that Jonathan and his political strategists thought if they introduced religion, they will be able to divide the North and take the Christian part of the region to vote for Jonathan.


“And if they introduce ethnicity, large enough does it, they will get the whole of the South. That’s their winning strategy and now they are surprised that after dividing the country they are finding it difficult to get the cooperation of everyone,” he said.

“If Jonathan is from minority, how did he get elected? Was he elected by his minority groups or by other Nigerians?

“Because if we all decided to be ethnic, Jonathan cannot even win election outside Bayelsa State because apart from Bayelsa, there is no any other place where the Ijaws are not a minority in Nigeria. So when people like Edwin Clark, Jonathan play the ethnic and religious cards, I just look at them because it is not going to work.

“The moment anyone resorts to ethnicity and religion, it is because he doesn’t have a better ground. If you are performing and doing the work of the people why do you need to resort to that?

“It is really wrong and one of the tragedies of the Jonathan leadership is that whoever inherits the leadership of Nigeria will have to spend the first or second year repairing the trust and relationship between the various ethnic and religious groups.

“Everything under Jonathan’s administration has been reduced to these two things which is unfortunate because politics is not about religion neither is it about ethnicity.

“Politics is about delivering services to the people and when you are good every ethnic group and religion will benefit.

“Our religion is private to us, our ethnicity is an accident of birth. This government have adopted that as a political strategy and by God’s grace the people of Nigeria have experienced it and knows that,” El-Rufai stated.


  1. it pain me when pple like el rufai still have gods to open their dirty mouth to condem person like jonathan.when he was a minister what did he do?well left for jonathan to tackle them.

  2. I most congratelate president goodluck jonathan for his effort to bring nigeria into his transformation,but my only word with el rufai is that,he like cristiced the mr president which is not good,let him remember,when he waz a minister of fct.what did he done,if not destroys,the poor’s peoples house,stealing out money 2 contest for presidency in 2011.

  3. President Jonathan dividing Nigeria along religious and ethnic line, I disagree with El-rufai he should check APC the composition of their executive and tell me who is playing religious politics,nemesis is catching up with El-rufai demolished people houses without proper compensation, people died because of your actions when serving as a minister and you think you would just go free is a lie.

  4. (h)el(l) rufai with comment. obasanjo will comment. if abacha were to be here , e for coment too! that el rufai should go and apply for a job!

  5. (h)el(l) rufai will comment. obasanjo will comment. if abacha were to be here , e for coment too! that el rufai should go and apply for a job!

  6. Elrufai is a failure and APC is also a crop of failures. If anybody think governing Nigeria is easy, dat psn is a joker. El-rufai is an idiot who made so many enemies for just being a minister over a small place call Abuja. What will happen if he is given Ngr? El-rufai disgrace PDP n caused so many problem 4 OBJ and he was shown d red card now he is in APC
    I wonder d kind of country we re in. No president has ever been adjudged good by Nigerians. Pres. Jonathan has only spent 2yrs and everyone has condemn him even more dan IBB n Abacha or OBJ. Abeg late Yaradua was der 4 3yrs hw many insult did he receive? Or is it bcos Pres. GEJ is from minority? Is it a crime to be born into a minority? To be honest Pres. GEJ remain d best president Nigeria has ever had and only dos with fine intelligence (not corrupted with political desires) will see dis or know dis fact. Let take 4 example: 1. Minimum wage (from 3k to 18k) 2. Building material price reduction by 30% eg cement. 3. Power sector (increase in generation by 40%) 4. Federal Roads (all in good shapes or under construction) 5. Education (total overhaul and 8 new universities under construction plus 108 almajari schools in d north)….. The list unending even couple with d BKH insurgence wahala in d north.
    Let Nigeria give d President all d support it needed and let put party and ethnicity aside.

  7. El rufai is a confused human being, the bitter pain of not being in the administration of Yar adua and GEJ is what has been destroying him, so he take a swift at the President and PDP to cool his temper. we understand El rufai, but there is nothing you can do about it, so SHARAP!!!!


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